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TES Online – 5.0.6 Patch Notes



  • Improved the resolution and textures on carts found throughout Elsweyr.


  • Fixed a rare issue where your character would be affected by Dragon attacks from other players in combat when you weren’t actually in combat with the Dragon.

Dragon Abilities

  • The Headbutt ability now hits players who are farther away.
  • Fixed an issue where Bleed would immediately tick on a player hit by Bite.
  • Improved how strafing runs appear from a distance.

yiyvju42wvcs.pngSunspire Trial

  • Made several changes to the Wing Thrash ability:
    • This ability now ignores CC immunity and cannot be CC broken.
    • Wing thrash now knocks targets back further on Veteran difficulty.
    • The damage will greatly increase if it is cast repeatedly in a short period of time.


  • Fixed an issue where Elsweyr Daily Merit Coffers could drop an unintended number of Anequina Motif Chapters.


  • The “Savior of Elsweyr” achievement now requires you complete all seven of the listed achievements, as intended.


  • Fixed an issue where you would not get achievement or daily quest credit for killing Zalsheem the Waking Nightmare.
  • Fixed an issue where the Spirits of the Manes event in Rimmen Necropolis was not awarding loot.

Ashen Scar

  • Fixed an issue where Arum-Khal was respawning way too slowly. He was also buffed at this stage, since he was apparently made of paper previously.

Main Story

  • Fixed an issue where Bahlokdaan’s health bar reset to an inappropriate value if your character died during the encounter.


  • Riverhold Abduction: Fixed an issue if you missed a crucial component of a scene with Rideza, she would not show up on the step to confront her at the end of the quest.


  • Fixed an issue where you could become blocked if you crashed, logged out, or timed out before you performed the sneak attack tutorial on the skeleton.
  • Blastbones skeletons accompanying Euraxian Necromancers now aggro with their masters.

21jrnubbqa86.jpgevumze1qjw6l.pngMaelstrom Arena

  • The Animus Crystals in the Theater of Despair can no longer be consumed by Necromancer abilities once destroyed.


  • Gap closer abilities will no longer appear to teleport the player to you.
  • Added a default build in the Skills Advisor for Necromancers.


  • Fixed an issue where Imperial City quest pins were pointing to the old sewer entrance.


  • Fixed an issue that was resulting in an unintended number of survey reports being awarded from crafting Writ reward boxes.

neh65d4c0of0.pngElsweyr Prologue

  • Fixed an issue where you could not navigate to the Halls of Colossus unless you owned the Elsweyr Chapter.

ij9gx2lw21xf.pngGamepad Mode

  • Fixed an issue where you sometimes couldn’t initiate a new search in the Guild Finder.

Guild Finder

  • Added some instructional text to multiple text box fields in the Guild Finder to clarify their function.
  • Previously if you did not select a language in the Guild Finder, the search would default to filtering based on your game’s language. To make this behavior a little clearer, the default filters will now be marked for you when starting.


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