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RUST – Aug Update 23 | New Wounded System!

The Loot Inside


  • Added new wounded information
  • Added Chat Emoji
  • Added brick building skin
  • Added procedural generation customization (world.configstring / world.configfile)


  • Buffed the burst module weapon attachment
  • C4 and satchel charges can now be placed on all vehicles again
  • Less network data required for objects sitting on other moving objects
  • Scaling free CUI layer now scales by resolution but still ignores the user’s UI scale setting
  • Ping sfx are now affected by the Game Sounds UI slider
  • Added a new model for the Laser Detector
  • Added ammo world model variations to correlate with stack size


  • Fixed a missing collider on the above-ground Work Cart
  • Fixed not being able to swim through the door of tugboats that were sunk underwater at a steep angle
  • Fixed players being pulled down with sinking tugboats
  • Fixed Industrial Conveyor not respecting Maximum amount when transferring multiple Hazmat’s with different skins
  • Fixed Industrial Conveyor failing to move an item if a broken version of that item is in the output container
  • Upgrading the grade of a building block should be much less likely to destroy industrial pipes deployed along it
  • Fixed ceiling blocks incorrectly destroying industrial pipes around them
  • Gutting a fish now displays the correct item count popups above the vitals UI
  • Fixed an extra viewmodel sometimes appearing when entering a safe zone
  • Fixed “cinematic_list” command not working
  • Can no longer place Towels underneath Foundations
  • Fixed Slot Machines not having a shadow proxy box in the deposit slot
  • Fixed SAR missing internal face on both viewmodel and world model – improved shading on world model LODs
  • Fixed gaps in the RHIB
  • Fixed RF Transmitter not having aerial extended in world model
  • Fixed clipping and motion blur issues with the access cards
  • Fixed position of the 16x scope on Homemade LMG so it doesn’t clip into the face in 3rd person
  • Fixed wrong gib rotation for the small storage box
  • Fixed missing bottom faces on all LODs for the gears world models
  • Fixed gaps in the WoodCrate model
  • Fixed startup issues on macOS Sonoma
  • Improved Steam auth NetworkIdentityFailure logging
  • Fixed several issues with server side demo recording
  • Fixed demo playback exceptions always stopping demo playback entirely
  • Fixed a crate blocking players on the small oilrig docks
  • Fixed collision accuracy at back of excavator, filled the room there to block LOS
  • Fixed several locations in monuments where dropped items would clip under
  • Fixed broken concrete rubble pile in the lighthouse
  • Fixed holes in the lighthouse exterior
  • Fixed getting stuck on pipes in arctic base
  • Fixed position and sizes of the supermarket ceiling lights
  • Fixed ceiling in one of the portacabins would disappear on low graphical settings
  • Fixed several collision mesh issues for powerlines
  • Fixed Abyss Torch being lit when dropped
  • Fixed an invisible collider near the smoke stack on small oil rig
  • Fixed a bug where some monument lights were glowing even when they were turned off

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