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RuneScape – 25.11.2019 Patch Notes | Release of Farming & Herblore 120!

  • Players who logged out on the Ashdale boat pier in Taverley prior to its removal will now be teleported to dry land.
  • The constitution skillcape effect will no longer work when in a fight in the duel arena.
  • The Bright Inquisitor outfit has been altered slightly to be less intrusive on the cape slot – 99 and 120 capes should now clip a lot less when worn at the same time.
  • The uncompressed texture setting has been temporarily disabled.
  • A bug involving the “Rev-enge!” achievement becoming impossible to complete if you left the “Goblin Revenant” until last has been fixed. People who suffered from the bug may need to kill the Revenant dragon in order to complete the achievement.
  • The View T&Cs option on the Redeem Bonds menu will now correctly navigate the player to the Jagex Terms and Conditions webpage.



  • An issue that was stopping the progress of tutorial island on mobile has been resolved.
  • Fixed an issue with quest dialogue on mobile.
  • Fixed an issue with selling animals at the PoF on mobile.
  • Fixed a client crash on Mobile when the player is possessed by Mother Mallum during the Salt in the Wound quest.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to purify the crystal in the Hefin cathedral during The Light Within.
  • Players who equipped items required by specific Burthorpe path achievements before reaching that stage in the selected path should now complete the achievement if they currently have the correct melee/ranged/magic/spiked-gauntlets item equipped. The backpack/worn equipment is now only brought to front if an item is currently being highlighted in that inventory.


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