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RuneScape – 17.06.2019 Patch Notes



  • Fixed an issue that would cause Summer special purchasers to have the Dragonkin Imperial armour to be removed upon logging in
  • The hide cogs from augmented armour setting no longer also hides the spikes on spiked augmented masterwork armour.
  • Rerolling Mazcab raid loot will now show the correct reward
  • A Flanking icon has now been added to the monster bar, it will appear if you’re in the right spot to use the Flanking perk and have a weapon equipped with the Flanking perk on.
  • You will no longer be skulled if you attempt to cast telegrab on another player within the wilderness.
  • It is no longer possible to build Player Owned House rooms outside of the maximum range of the house.
  • A crash no longer occurs when completing a large number of farming urns at once on Manor farm.
  • You can now fish at Mort Myre Swamp without bait if you have the baitless fishing perk active.
  • It is now possible to add barbarian fish to player owned farm troughs.
  • Signs of porter and Grace of the Elves will now successfully send farming produce to bank when your inventory is full.
  • It is now no longer possible to buy more “Large animal pen kits” if you do not have a place to use them.
  • When placing objects onto the action bar, the icons will now refresh correctly.
  • Action bar slots that were previously occupied by an ability and then an object, will no longer flash when the object is removed.
  • Adding pets to your menagerie in your player owned house will now correctly remove them when toggled.
  • Various items placed on the action bar, including scrimshaws and jewelry (including passage of the abyss), now correctly provide their primary function when activating the keybind.
  • A keybinded follower action, now calls the function of your selected leftclick option. As ever, this can be customised for familiars, pets and legendary pets separately and the keybound action will update to match. With no follower it defaults to “Summon Pet”
  • Fixed issue in which some player-owned house rooms could be duplicated.
  • Further improved child windows saved locations to prevent unwanted snapping in some rare cases during saves and loads.
  • The inspect option on herb patches now tells you what type of seed was planted there.
  • POH storage units in the costume room now display a gold border on sets that you are holding the required items to deposit into.
  • Added Menaphos and Sophanem underground onto the world map
  • Converted maw enhancers from objects into variables. You can check remaining charge and toggle the enhancers on and off via Wythien in the Meilyr district of Prifddinas. Revenant damage enhancers have not been converted and must still be held in the inventory.
  • Barbarian Assault abilities such as ‘Shout – Crackers’ are no longer affected by the global cooldown.


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