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RuneScape – 08.07.2019 Patch Notes

Hunter Modernisation Patches

NOTE: You can read more about these changes, in the respective Developer Blog here.

Buffs and Boosts

  • Enhanced Yaktwee stick 5% XP boost has been lowered to a 2% XP boost.
  • Enhanced Yaktwee stick 5% chance of extra sprites has been increased to 20%.
  • Enhanced Yaktwee stick can now be worn while barehanded catching butterflies.
  • Chance of auto-deploy/pickup traps from volcanic trapper outfit has increased from 10% to 30%.
  • The Elite Trapper Outfit fragments can now be earned in game from level 70.
  • The Hunter Skillcape perk has been updated, it is now as follows: When activated, any trap placed directly afterwards will be instantly set-up.


Quality of Life


  • Two traps can now be used from level 1.
  • Additionally, three traps can now be used from level 30, whilst four and five traps remain at level 60 and 80 respectively.
  • The player will now walk on top of a shaking trap before picking it up, making it easier to re-lay on the same spot without the need to walk there first.


  • Fallen over traps will now have a left-click option to lay rather than take.




  • Allow the trapper outfit success chance bonus to work on all hunter creatures.
  • Increase the maximum possible number of skillchompas per trap from four to six.



  • Increased the click box of butterflies.
  • Increased the physical size of butterflies to make them easier to see.
  • Made Sapphire Glacialis bluer, to help differentiate them from Snowy Knights.
  • Your agility level now affects your success chance when catching butterflies.
  • Sapphire glacialis and Snowy Knight butterflies have been moved around in Rellekka to make them more accessible.
  • When successfully catching a butterfly barehanded, there is a high chance that you will release it and automatically start catching it again.




  • Enhanced Yaktwee stick can now be worn while barehanded catching butterflies.



  • Increased Salamander tree click box.
  • Salamanders now have a release all option.
  • More Black Salamanders and net trap hotspots have been added to the wilderness.
  • A new, high level Yellow Salamander has been added into the game. You can find them on the island.


Herblore Habitat

  • The player no longer freezes at points when hunting within herblore habitat.
  • Jadinkos can now pass through players.
  • The box that appears when you gain a seed within herblore habitat has now been converted to a different message type that does not interrupt the player.
  • Juju hunter potions can now stack up to 30 minutes, or 36 minutes with incense sticks.
  • The southern region of herblore habitat has had some foliage removed, and Jadinko spawns moved, to make hunter there rival the northern section.
  • Wilted marasamaw plants now have a rebuild option, akin to box traps.
  • The check option when a marasamaw trap is in the middle of catching something has been removed, as it didn’t do anything and just lead to frustration and confusion.The option will now only appear when the trap is ready to check.
  • Added a small stock of juju herb seeds to Papa Mambos shop stock.
  • Ineligible Jadinkos are removed from the area quicker after changing your habitat configuration.
  • You are now warned when adding a dose of Juju Hunter Potion when you are already close to the time limit allowed.
  • Increased Herblore Habitat herb seed drop rate.



  • All falconry Kebbit spawns have been rearranged to make them better to catch.
  • Four more dashing Kebbits have been added within the falconry.


Standard Patches

For account security week players will be awarded an extra daily key if they have an active or pending bank PIN, and another for an active authenticator.

  • Fixed a typo within the Reaper Crew achievement which mentioned “200 armour” instead of “20 armour”.


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