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RuneScape – 04.03.2019 Patch Notes | Parcels From The Hedge

The Loot Inside


  • Fixed an issue with the “Report Offensive Player Examine” option within the player report interface. It is now passed through the correct flow that asks if you wish to temporarily ignore the player.
  • We have also fixed an issue that this system could fire off a report even if the player had no information in their My Examine, these things combined both help to combat these reports being spammed / false reports.
  • Fixed some double spacing issues with text on Tutorial Island.
  • Fixed a variety of colour highlights on text around the game to make it more visible on the mobile client.
  • You can now view the Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Software Licence from the login screen.
  • The following changes have been made to the bug reporter to improve it’s usability on both PC and mobile clients.
  • We have split the two fields, Description and Reproduction Steps into two screens. The intention behind this is that on mobile, the on-screen keyboard would cover the bottom text entry box so splitting them into two resolves this
  • As part of the above, we have relocated the remaining characters counter to the top of the entry
  • As it is now split into multiple screens, there are now additional navigation buttons to allow you to go back and make a change to your report if you require it.
  • Fixed an issue that was not disabling access to the “Hide title bars when locked” setting under interface customization. This was causing an issue that showed title bars for interfaces (such as Backpack & Worn etc…) in legacy mode.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an FPS drop when viewing the Ports Captain’s Log on an Android.
  • Fixed an issue on mobile that was preventing tooltips for the legendary pet special abilities from displaying. You can now view these by long pressing on the icon (similar to combat abilities).
  • Updated an old style frame and button on the Hefin Cathedral shop interface when you need to confirm your cleansing crystal purchase.
  • We have done more work to fix the issue where your NPC chat and multiple choice dialogues could end up squashed into the middle of the screen.
  • We thought we had resolved this but thanks to the efforts of you awesome beta testers we have managed to get a more accurate reproduction on the issue and resolved it!
  • Fixed an issue in the POP crew recruit interface that was not clearing your previous selection highlight on mobile.
  • We have made some further improvements to the mini-menu navigation and scrolling. You should notice the mini-menu is less likely to close when you are trying to navigate, and also you are less likely to lift your finger early and select something prematurely.
  • We need loading screens on the mobile client, as a result the following changes have been made to make sure they are doing what they are designed to do.
  • The graphics option to disable loading screens has been removed on mobile. PC is unchanged.
  • The option to disable loading screens (from within a loading screen) has been removed.
  • The following changes have been made to the Screen Sizing section of the graphics options to improve
  • Renamed ‘resizable’ to ‘windowed’ (alongside the removal of “fixed”) this reflects an established PC standard naming convention. ‘Fullscreen’ is unchanged.
  • The resolution drop down field was only relevant when in ‘fullscreen’, to reflect this, the drop down has been placed within the ‘fullscreen’ button.
  • PC specific terminology has been removed from these descriptions, in favour of more ambiguous terms, so that it is mobile compliant.
  • Fixed Window restricts the game size to be 800×600 (4:3 aspect), a feature only used by 1% of NXT and Java players. In the future, we want to fully support 16:9 as our new standard for both desktop and mobile, which adds unnecessary complication to the code if we keep supporting Fixed Window mode. From today’s update, this option has been removed from the game.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing a line of pixels on the side of certain Ports interfaces on mobile.



  • The special attack of the Eldritch crossbow is no longer capped at 750.
  • Chargebows now take into account arrows equipped or held in an equipped quiver, so special effects like those of dragonbane and black stone arrows can be used with them. Damage will be reduced to the lowest tier of the arrow or chargebow. Chargebows will work as usual when no arrows or another type of ammunition is held in the ammo slot.
  • Using an augmentation dissolver on ice dyed Drygore weapons will no longer remove the dye from the weapon.
  • Fixed a mobile issue with the Grand Exchange Buy Item display. Also resolved an issue with the mobile on-screen keyboard in the Grand Exchange (and some other text search fields).
  • Players will no longer be kicked to the login screen when talking to Wizard Mizgog under certain circumstances and not accepting the Imp Catcher quest.
  • Fixed an issue where the quest overview for Regicide was displaying it as complete a step too soon. If you’re having trouble starting Roving Elves, first speak to King Lathas to complete Regicide.
  • Some legacy code at the start of the Devious Minds quest has been tidied up.
  • Fixed an issue where accepting the Desert Treasure quest skipped a couple of initial quest states.
  • Friend broadcasts will no longer always appear in the colour selected for world broadcasts.
  • Added some inventory checks when smithing various items.
  • Players will once again receive an error message when trying to mine a rock higher than their mining level, and can once again use boosts to mine rocks above their mining level.
  • You will no longer receive chat messages about making progress towards achievement ‘It’s Mine! All mine!’ after it is completed.
  • Tier 3 Urns have been renamed to Plain Urns to prevent some confusion with Daily Challenges
  • After killing the Ambassador, the dungeon progress is reset as expected.
  • Hotfixed last week: The Ambassador’s drop table has been slightly buffed. This change also notes the rune salvage drops.
  • Killing the Crassian Leviathan now correctly awards killcount if you kill it after it has swapped sides.
  • Improved the interactions with loot drops from monsters
  • The stack value pop-up when a monster drops an item will now show a list (max. 8) of objects that dropped on mobile.
  • On PC the stack value remains and is now colour coded.
  • The stack value pop-up is uses a more easily legible font.
  • Improved the drop log font so it is more legible on a mobile device.
  • The RuneMetrics Drop Log has a button to open the AoE looting interface.



  • Fixed a potential cause of crashes or incorrect rendering on Linux
  • Resizing the game window should no longer cause the game to crash
  • Added multi-threaded shader compilation system for modern GPUs/drivers, which should reduce stutter when playing
  • Fixed UV animation bug on mobile causing them not to function correctly.
  • Fixed bug with HBAO causing visual artifacts to appear in the game world
  • Minimap should now show things like rugs, the floor at the GE, etc., and should not show ground decor (sometimes visible as speckles on the current minimap)
  • Fixed a bug with SSAO causing it to not work on the Samsung S6.
  • Fixed a bug with the minimenu closing when opping NPCs in instances
  • Display names in clan channels are ordered alphabetically, regardless of case.


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