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Realm Royale – OB19 Patch Notes


  • New Ability
    • Soul Gust
      • “Send out a charging blast of magical energy that passes through walls and forces enemies back”
        • The Mage is getting a new ability to replace her Ice Block ability
        • Soul Gust will damage enemies and apply a significant knockback
        • This ability can even travel through walls, rocks, trees, and bone! This is our first ability that won’t be stopped by pesky walls
      • Talent: Soul Gust will now apply a 3.5 second reveal on the hit enemy
  • Bass Drop Bundle
    • A new bundle is available in the Shop containing 5 cosmetic items
      • Technomancer Mage
      • Beat Boks Chicken
      • Neon Booster Mount
      • Bass Drop Skydive
      • Boosted Spray
  • Communication Wheel
    • Pressing the VGS button will now allow you to select more ways to communicate with friends and enemies while fighting your way to a Crown Royale
    • The three options are Chatter, Emote, and Tactical wheels respectively
      • Chatter – Filled with exclamations and general non-essential communication. Examples: Awesome!, Curses!, and Woohoo!
      • Emote – Filled with your selected Emotes and Sprays as well as the ability to Joke and Taunt
        • In the Armory you will be able to equip 3 Emotes and 3 Sprays to use while in a match
      • Tactical – Filled with more objective-centered commands. Examples: Ready to Forge!, Under Fire!, and Fog is Coming!
    • By default the C, V, and B Keys are bound to the new Communication Wheels
    • Gamepad players will be able to open the Emote Communication Wheel by pressing Left on the D-Pad, and make a selection by using the right thumb stick
    • Please note: All keybinds will be reset to default when this update goes live
  • Ping System
    • Added the ability to ping a point of interest, displaying a UI indicator to the player and their team for a short duration (10s)
      • By default, this is bound to middle mouse button for PC players
      • Gamepad players will access the ping system through the new Communication Wheel


  • Weapons
    • Stone Staff
      • Time between shots has been increased slightly
      • Base damage has been increased slightly
      • Accuracy has been slightly reduced
    • Longbow
      • Increased gravity drop off when bow is fully drawn
  • Environment
    • Jade Gardens Environmental Updates
      • Reduced some of the elevation in Jade Gardens to allow multiple paths to move around the point of interest
      • Added more objects and terrain to add more coverability in the region
      • Fixed the slope of several inclines to allow players to traverse up hills

Quality of Life Improvements

  • The HUD now displays when a player enters a new region
  • A number of improvements have been made to hit registration on all platforms
  • Added the ability for players to scroll through Armory items using the mouse wheel
  • Improved Blink responsiveness and accuracy even further
  • Spectation
    • Fixed issue where Runes weren’t being shown properly when spectating
    • Players can now chat while spectating
    • Keybinds will now be hidden while spectating
    • Damage numbers will now consistently show up while spectating
    • Minimap will now update properly while spectating

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several audio mix issues
  • Fixed an area in Jade Gardens where players could get stuck
  • Fixed an issue where Legendary Ice Block would heal more than intended
  • Fixed an issue where the Loot Goblin wouldn’t drop loot when killed
  • Fixed an issue where several ceilings in Gun Town had improper collision
  • Fixed an issue where the button to open the map on console wouldn’t toggle the map when pressed again
  • Fixed an issue where characters would occasionally T-pose when picking up a new weapon
  • Fixed an issue where crouching while vaulting through windows could put your character collision into a bad state
  • Addressed some issues with being able to see shadows through walls
    • Additional fixes will arrive with update 20

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