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Rainbow Six: Siege – Y4S2 Patch Notes | Operation Phantom Sight




  • Vigil’s ERC-7 cloaking and Caveira’s Silent step now use the same new gauge behavior system that we have introduced with Nøkk.
  • All three abilities can be activated at any time (even while refilling) if above 20% ratio.

We have unified the stealth gauge system to maintain gameplay clarity and consistency.


  • Reduce Frost’s Welcome Mats to 66 HP (down from 100 HP)

By reducing the health points of Frost traps, we aim at making them easier to destroy. At 100 HP, we felt Frost Mats were sometimes too hard to destroy, and we want cautious players to be rewarded accordingly.


  • Swapping Kaid’s barbed wire for Nitro Cell.

We are replacing Kaid’s barbed wire for the Nitro Cell after reviewing Kaid’s performance and player feedback. By adding the C4 to his loadout, we hope to make him more versatile and to up his pickrate.


  • Decreased to Pulses Cardiac Sensor unequipping time to 0.65s (down from 0.8s)

By increasing the swap speed of Pulse’s gadget, we are trying to make Pulse’s gadget a bit more appealing and comfortable to use during a round. Following community feedback on the change over the course of the TS, we feel 0.65 is a good middle ground.


  • F2 assault rifle recoil increased.

We have increased the recoil of the F2 assault rifle. As an Operator with one of the highest performance and pick rates, having one of the most powerful weapons in her hands made her a bit too powerful. To address this, we’ve increased the recoil of the Famas based on feedback and will continue monitoring for future changes.


We have been continuously working to gradually improve sound propagation in game and on our maps. With this Y4S2 update we’ve made global improvements to sound propagation in order to address inconsistent results when interacting with reinforcements.

  • Fixed inconsistent propagation obstruction on partially reinforced walls.
  • Fixed inconsistent propagation on reinforced tall walls with a destroyable upper half where sound would not pass.
  • With this fix we’re aware that an issue still exists where sound will propagate over broken walls even when the wall is reinforced. We will continue working to address it in a future update.



With the start of the new season, Ubisoft Club Challenges will now run on a Thursday > Thursday schedule.


We are continuing to work to address the exploits involving Clash, Claymores, and Deployable Shields. The final fix should be deployed during the season. In the meantime, we will be pushing a partial fix and additional fail-safes that will allow us to re-enable Clash, deployable shields, and claymores. The goal of these failsafes is to make sure that the glitches cannot be exploited even in the chance that they are replicated.

  • Clash: Added a failsafe that resets them back to normal if they achieve the glitch.
  • IQ: Added a failsafe that turns her visible if she manages to go invisible.
  • Deployable shields: Added a failsafe that will not allow players to shoot if they glitch, and the shield will be automatically deployed on the ground after 2 seconds.

We are also temporarily changing Warden and Nøkk’s secondary gadget loadouts to minimize potential issues.

  • Warden: Replace 1x Deployable Shield with 2x Impact Grenades
  • Nøkk: Replace 1x Claymore with 3x Stun Grenades

This change will be in place with the start of the season. We will restore their original loadouts during Season 2 once our complete fix is deployed.


To provide more readability on defuser assignment, in casual bomb game modes the defuser icon now shows up next to who the defuser is assigned to on the ready screen. If the assigned player leaves during prep phase and the defuser is reassigned, the icon will still be visible on newly assigned player.



  • Fixed – Players can vault onto windowsills via a deployable shield.
  • Fixed – Audio for drone movement sounds sometimes are not played for 3rd parties after being idle for a few moments.
  • Fixed – Breach charge deployment audio does not play if the breach charge is at max range.
  • Fixed – Placing a gadget after rappelling in can cause rubberbanding.
  • Fixed – L/R camera sweeps in 1st person while performing an action will trigger an instant orientation
  • Fixed – Operators can fall through the map or remain stuck when rappelling too closely to a structure.
  • Fixed – Moving around in prone stance while leaning makes no sound.
  • Fixed – User loses controls of their drone if it is the last to get destroyed during the preparation phase.



  • Fixed – Blackbeard run speed does not decrease when his rifle shield is equipped.
  • Fixed – When player rappels with Rifle-Shield, the head is misplaced in third-person view compared to first-person view.


  • Fixed – Fire from Capitao’s bolts will fail to propagate if dart is shot at side of beams of destroyed floors/ceilings.


  • Fixed – EOR replay + killcam doesn’t mirror Glaz scope effect intensity during the kill.
  • Fixed – After ADSing repeatedly, Glaz light intensity indicators on his scope can sometimes be white in color.
  • Fixed – Glaz’s Thermal scope in support mode stays at 100% vision regardless of Glaz’s motion; when an ally dies, leaves and reconnects.


  • Fixed – Lesion’s Gu mines are invisible when deployed.


  • Fixed – Visual desync between Maestro’s evil eye and actual position if it was moved during first moments of a Dokkaebi Logic Bomb.


  • Fixed – Nøkk and breach charge while rappelling causes issues when equipping.


  • Fixed – Inconsistent gas/smoke propagation on broken floors and ceilings for Smoke.


  • Fixed – Warden is unable to reinforce a wall or hatch when he is standing too close to it.
  • Fixed – When Warden barricades right after activating his Smart Glasses, he does not need to hold the deploy key to complete the barricade.
  • Fixed – Starting a tactical reload from sprinting will obstruct the player’s view for a few frames.


  • Fixed – Ying’s Candelas will fail to blind non-host players if they the candelas explode after a very short air time


  • Fixed – Vigil gadget can’t be deactivated when gauge dips below 20%.



  • Fixed – Shooting a specific spot on Kafe can cause Attacker drones to be destroyed on release.
  • Fixed – Defenders have a LoS to spawn point in EXT Park Alley in Kafe.
  • Fixed – LOD issues after destroying the wall between the two rooms of 2F Pillar Room in Kafe.
  • Fixed – Collision hitbox issues with the chandelier in 2F Mining Room of Kafe.
  • Fixed – Various clipping issues on Kafe.
  • Fixed – Various vault issues on Kafe.
  • Fixed – Players can get into locations/objects they should not be able to access on Kafe .
  • Fixed – Spawn kill spot in on Kafe.
  • Fixed – Players can place 2 barricades in one doorway on 3F White Corridor of Kafe.
  • Fixed – Operators can float between the Christmas tree and the Biohazard Container in 3F Cigar Lounge of Kafe.
  • Fixed – Players can lay prone inside Cabinet of 3F Cigar Lounge of Kafe.
  • Fixed – Echo’s Yokai clips through christmas tree of Kafe after falling from the ceiling.
  • Fixed – Old hatch location in 3F Bar Backstore of Kafe can still be reinforced.


  • Fixed – Bank: Opaque white fog appears when an explosion occurs in the room.


  • Fixed – Walking SFX is muffled on spot in 1F Lobby Stairs of House.


  • Fixed – Stained glass windows on Villa allow sound to propagate through when not broken.
  • Fixed – Various lighting issues in Villa
  • Fixed – LOD issue on window cover in 2F Red Stairs from 2F Classical Hall of Villa.


  • Fixed – Metallic sound can be heard while shooting the tires of any trailer truck on Outback.
  • Fixed – Outback bomb sites shown on wrong floor of tactical map.


  • Fixed – IQ’s gadget is not visible in the in-game menu (loadout, shop menu previews) or MVP screen.
  • Fixed – The Volcano skin doesn’t apply to SASR weapons.
  • Fixed – Outdated thumbnail for Smoke and Nokk’s holographic sight.
  • Fixed – Jammer effects sometimes stay stuck on the caster’s screen.
  • Fixed – Vsync disabled on player HUB.
  • Fixed – Floating operator gadgets when searching for a game from the player HUB.
  • Fixed – Visual glitches + clipping for various Operators while performing some actions.
  • Fixed – Title screen optimization for ultra-wide screen resolution dimensions.
  • Fixed – ‘ESC’ key input is triggered twice when the chat box is open.
  • Fixed – Operator bundles disappear when purchases are made from the 1st party store.
  • Fixed – Loss of functionality can occur after navigating through charms in the in-game shop.
  • Fixed – Clipping issue with Bandit Axle 13 uniform.
  • Fixed – Clipping issue with vaulting with the shield on the back.
  • Fixed – In loadout, Nokk’s weapon stays on the screen even when viewing other ops.
  • Fixed – Clipping issue with some operator hands when rejecting Dokkabi’s calls.
  • Fixed – Vaulting with the shield on the back results in the shield clipping the operator.
  • Fixed – Recruit has Fuze’s default green ballistic shield skin instead the black ballistic shield skin. It’s good to return things after you’re done borrowing them.



We’re aware that players can dropshot with the season update and are working on a fix to be released during the season.


On consoles, the Elite Bandit Chibi charm and Mute’s SMG-11 Royal Fusiliers weapon skin will be temporarily unavailable at Year 4 Season 2’s launch.

For players who own them, the rest of the Bandit and Mute Elite sets will function normally. However, if the charm or the weapon skin is equipped, it will not show up in the game. They will only be visible in your menu inventory.

The Elite Bandit and Mute sets will be temporarily removed from our Console shops until the issues are fixed in the Y4S2.1 patch. They will once again be unlockable after the patch.

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