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Rainbow Six: Siege – Addendum Patch Notes



– Lowered damage taken when meleeing electrified barbed wires from 15 to 3/damage tick.

– Increased recoil for .44 Mag Semi Auto



– Lowered number of electroclaws to 2.

– Players now only receive 2 points for deploying electroclaw.


– Airjab will no longer detect targets while traveling

– 1.5s delay on warhead between the moment it sticks and the moment it will activate


– Increase to IQ’s gadget detection range from 15m to 20m



– Night Maps have all been removed for all maps for Ranked.

We came to this decision based on both feedback from players and the fact that we have found that Night maps hinder competitive gameplay. Night map versions will still be available in the Casual Map Playlist.


– Improved lighting algorithms.

– Tweaked map moods.

– Night map sky environment update (similar to previous HDR map updates).

This goal of this lighting update is to provide a more realistic look and feel for the Rainbow Six Siege environment. With the new lighting algorithms being introduced into our global illumination system, this update will allow us to provide greater lighting precision and give us a greater degree of artistic control for all our day and night maps. While making these changes, we worked closely with player feedback to ensure that all lighting changes are transparent in terms of gameplay and will have no effect on player performance.




Fixed – Operators with ballistic shields are immune to guard break effect while walking backwards.

Fixed – Red Dot and ACOG sights obscure the player’s view more than in Y3S3.

Fixed – After teamkilling, offenders are not kicked and do not receive a TK offense.

Fixed – Hostage kill counts only as 1 teamkill instead of 2.

Fixed – A desync occurs when a character climbs a ladder and triggers an airjab at the same time.

Fixed – A desync occurs when a character starts rappelling and triggers an airjab at the same time.

Fixed – Jackal’s gadget sometimes cannot see footprints left by Operators.



Fixed – Breaching a floor on Fortress sometimes only destroys the top layer of the floor.

Fixed – Drones can clip inside the EXT Guard Tower of the hatch on Fortress when thrown at a certain location.

Fixed – A desync occurs when a player vaults a window and triggers an airjab at the same time.

Fixed – Character’s feet can clip through the 1F Old Tower Stairs on Fortress.

Fixed – A space under the table in 1F Cafeteria on Fortress make it look like a drone can pass through.

Fixed – LOD issues in the table in 1F sitting room on Fortress.


Fixed – Lighting issues in Clubhouse makes it difficult to see prone Operators.


Fixed – Lighting issues on House make it difficult to see Operators in certain areas.


Fixed – After being pushed back by Nomad, operator can get stuck on the EXT Park Alley of Kafe.


Fixed – Lighting issues on Skyscraper make it difficult to spot Operators in certain spots.


Fixed – Lighting issues on Theme Park which can cause disruptive contrasts when entering the building.


Fixed – Placeholder hat in 4F Captain’s Office of Yacht.

Fixed – Lighting LOD issues in 2F Kitchen on Yacht.


Fixed – In the options menu, clicking the Benchmark button under Graphics Settings will cause a black screen issue.

Fixed – Accepting a squad invite can sometimes result in loss of UI functionality when trying to access the main menu.

Fixed – Incorrect weapon stats/damage values are displayed in menu.

Fixed – When a user is removed from game, in-game announcer shows 5 v 0 text.

Fixed – Shaking animation of Hostage when being escorted.

Fixed – Shield shaking animation if the Operator moves while they are equipped on their back.

Fixed – The “Baroque Exalted” Weapon Skin is not displayed when applied on several weapons.

Fixed – The “Gingerbread” weapon skin is not displayed when applied on Glaz’s OTs-03.

Fixed – Clash SPSMG9 bullet capacity shows 15 instead of 20 in the operators menu.

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