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Rainbow Six: Siege – 4.1 Patch Notes



  • Visual upgrade for destruction effects and ripples
  • Visual design upgrade for Police cars.

Visual upgrades and optimizations have been ongoing, and the new destruction decals and police paint jobs are a part of that. Destruction decals are now optimized for 4K and come in a greater variety, and the police cars have that new car smell.


  • Nerf to .44 Mag Semi Auto
    • Increased recoil (will now be more difficult to chain shots precisely at long range)
    • Decreased damage (reduced from 74 > 54)
  • Stun grenades (3) replaced with Claymore (1)

The synergy between Nomad’s airjabs and the three stun grenades gave her a bit too much CC utility individually. While the addition of a Claymore can provide Nomad with some trap functionality, we’ll be monitoring the interactions between her gadget and the Claymore to see if this is a better fit.

  • Adjustments to Valkyrie’s throw curve.
    • Throw curve now projects straight from the center of the player cam.
    • Can no longer be thrown to excessive distances.

We re–adjusted the new throw curves for Valkyrie’s Black Eye to take original design into consideration. Valk also started focusing more on leg day for a balanced workout routine.

  • IQ’s gadget now responds different to recoil.

After the recoil update in Grim Sky, this change was made to help optimize the interaction between IQ’s gadget and the new recoil changes.


Fixed – Players can see through smoke VFX from smoke grenades or Capitao’s smoke arrows when at a distance.

Fixed – Weapon Ammo counts are incorrect.

Fixed – Sound propagation behavior varies through destructible floors.

Fixed – Hibana’s X–kairos and Thermite’s Exothermic Charge sometimes makes little to no sound when being placed and before exploding.



Fixed – Kaid’s statistics not properly updating.

Fixed – Kaid’s Rtila Electroclaw can sometimes get stuck in a animation loop when destroying Mira’s Black Mirror.

Fixed – If Kaid’s Electroclaw rebounds from a surface before deploying, it can occasionally be misaligned with it’s area of effect.

Fixed – Updated in–game stats text for electrified surfaces.


Fixed – Nomad’s Airjab reload time is different when using the AK–74M and the ARX200.

Fixed – Nomad VO will provide feedback that her gadget is planted, even when it was destroyed along the way.

Fixed – After being pushed by Nomad’s Airjab off a ledge, the animation and sound effect of when the body hits the ground are out of sync.


Fixed – Reticle is occasionally missing from the Holographic sight on the SMG–11 after alt–tabbing.



Fixed – Missing collision zone for drones and deployable shields on NE corner wall of 1F Cafeteria in Fortress.

Fixed – Visual ceiling texture deterioration issue in 1F Sitting Room on Fortress.


Fixed – Nomad’s airjab, when activated, will not destroy part of the Kitchen Prep wall on 1F Main Corridor of Kafe when pushing an Operator through the wall.


Fixed – Echo’s Yokai can be deployed on the exterior side of outside door at CC1F Machine Hallway.


Fixed – Renown balance does not update until user reboots.


Fixed – The Jackal Chibi Charm is missing textures around his visor and helmet straps.

Fixed – Missing Brazil Pro League Copper charm twitch drop.


Fixed – Houndstooth weapon skin texture does not apply properly onto guns.

Fixed – Skins are applying to the .44 Mag Semi–auto scope.

Fixed – Season Pass Damascus Steel skin is missing from Maverick and Clash’s weapons.

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