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PUBG Mobile – 2.5 Patch Notes | Celebrate PUBG MOBILE’s 5th Anniversary!

Key Updates

  1. PUBG MOBILE 5th Anniversary: Create on the battlegrounds and celebrate the anniversary together!
  2. World of Wonder: First ever user created custom game modes are available for a limited time! Enjoy all kinds of creative gameplay for a different PUBG MOBILE!
  3. New Themed Gameplay – Imagiversary: Enjoy exclusive Anniversary scenery and items. Build creative spaces without restraint!
  4. Gear Front Update: Added a new Jet-Boost Board skill to experience the joy of moving swiftly in midair!
  5. Firearm Updates: New tactical attachments and slots. Light Machine Guns have been rebalanced and some bolt-action reload animations have been improved for an even more exhilarating shooting experience!

5th Anniversary Themed Gameplay: Imagiversary

Let’s celebrate PUBG MOBILE’s 5th Anniversary together!

Available: 2023/3/18 at 02:00 (UTC+0)–2023/4/19 at 23:59 (UTC+0)

Supported maps: Erangel and Livik


  1. Brand New Environments

  • Imagination Plaza: Large 110×110 area. Contains lots of crates. Occupy all 4 locations with small crates to compete for the large crate in the center. Obtain lots of advanced supplies from it.
  • Imagination District: Medium 60×60 area. Contains supply rewards that can be obtained after occupying locations. Obtain a small amount of advanced supplies from them.
  1. Themed Gameplay Items & Features

  • New item – Block Cover: Found in crates and all over the map. It consists of 3 shapes. After use, it will create a wall out of blocks, which can be used as cover or as a bridge. It can also be used as an elevator when placed directly below a player’s feet.
  • New item – Portable Trampoline: Can be picked up from the ground or found in crates. Place it down and touch it to bounce into the air and swiftly move about.
  • New item – Dual-Purpose Cannon: Can be picked up from the ground or found in crates. Place it down to launch yourself a medium distance, or launch various throwables a farther distance than throwing them.
  • New feature – Supply Converter: Available at the start of the match. Use the device in the backpack to get new supplies by converting them 2-for-1. Apart from typical Classic Mode supplies, converted supplies also include items from past seasons and even all-new items.

New World of Wonder Mode

First ever user created custom game modes available for a limited time!

Available: Releases with Version 2.5

  1. New Map Templates of Various Sizes

  • Bird’s Perch: 100×100 empty map template. Can be used to create new game rules and freely build upon.
  • Coral Reef: 300×300 empty map template. Can be used to create new game rules and freely build upon.
  • Jade Realm: 500×500 empty map template. Can be used to create new game rules and freely build upon.
  • Erangel: 8000×8000 empty map template. Can be used to create new game rules and freely build upon.
  1. Pure DIY Gameplay Experience

Use officially provided objects, decorations, and buildings to create your own scenery. Add gameplay devices to create all kinds of interesting gameplay experiences!

Unleashing every Creator’s’ imagination to create tons of diverse gameplay for you to experience a different PUBG MOBILE!

(Actual gameplay is dependent on the available creations)

Gear Front Updates

Available: 2023/4/20 at 00:00 (UTC+0)–2023/5/15 at 20:59 (UTC+0)

Supported maps: Erangel and Livik

  • New Jet-Boost Board skill: Travel quickly in mid-air on a Jet-Boost Board.

Payload Mode Updates

Available: Releases with Version 2.5

  1. New Tank: Heavily-armored, immensely powerful tanks are waiting for you in Erangel!
  2. Tank Air Drops: Use the Tank Flare Gun to call a tank into battle!

3. New Shop recalls: Players can now spend Shop Tokens at the Supply Shop to recall eliminated teammates one time.

4. New supplies: The Super Air Drop and Super Weapon Crate both have a chance of giving the M202 quad-barrel rocket launcher.

Metro Royale Updates

Available: 2023/3/17 at 02:00 (UTC+0)–2023/5/15 at 00:00 (UTC+0)

1. New Workstation feature: From the Metro lobby, you can now dismantle Locked Crates using the Workstation. Dismantling takes some time, after which you can receive rewards, with a small chance of receiving Fabled Equipment. You can also use Speed Boost Vouchers to speed up the dismantling. Speed Boost Vouchers can be purchased with a small amount of Metro Cash in the Hot Items section of the Black Market. Locked Crates can be obtained for free after completing event missions. They can also be purchased with a small amount of Metro Cash in the Hot Items section of the Black Market.

2. New equipment protection feature: You can spend a small amount of Metro Cash on the Loadout page to purchase equipment protection service. After purchase, when you fail to evacuate, there is a chance that you will drop one fewer item. Equipment protection lasts until it takes effect once.

3. Elimination Broadcasts by the player and teammates now play during gameplay.

4. Improved some layouts in Misty Port and fixed the issue with some floating items.

5. Fixed the firing interval of grenade launchers shortening under certain actions.

Map Updates

  1. Livik map update: The waterfall effects have been improved. Its color is now more aligned with Livik’s overall visuals. (Available upon Version 2.5 release)
  2. Added IP collaboration statues to Erangel. Approach them to get great rewards. (Available: 2023/4/14 at 2:00 (UTC+0)–2023/5/15 at 23:59 (UTC+0))

Firearm Adjustments & Updates

  1. Firearm placement adjustment: The NS2000 shotgun has been added to Livik.
  2. Light Machine Gun balance adjustments:
  • DP28

Improved the DP28’s default ammo count. It now comes with a full clip of 47 bullets when picking it up.

Improved the DP28’s accuracy when hip firing.

Improved the DP28’s damage to limbs.

Slightly improved the running speed with the DP28 equipped.

  • M249

Slightly improved the M249’s base damage.

Lowered the M249’s horizontal and vertical recoil when firing. Slightly improved the recoil recovery.

Lowered the M249’s muzzle movement when firing.

  1. New tactical attachment and slots: DP28 and M249 can be equipped with the Gun Shield attachment. Once equipped, it will automatically unfold when players lay prone with a DP28 or M249 and can help block enemy gunfire.
  2. Firearm animation adjustments:
  • Improved the reload animation of the S1897, DBS, Win94, Kar98K, Mosin-Nagant, M24, and AWM.
  • Added a firearm inspection animation to all firearms aside from pistols, crossbows, and melee weapons.
  1. Vehicle placement adjustment: The Monster Truck has been added to Miramar.

General Improvements

  • Follow Along Emotes

  1. A new feature to follow along with other players’ Emotes when teaming up in Lobby and during matches is now available.
  • Creation Mode Updates

Available: Releases with Version 2.5

  1. Players can now swap outfits in Creation Mode. They can change their outfit at any time during a performance.
  2. Players can enable scene effects in Creation Mode. They can add all kinds of scene special effects when snapping a picture or recording.
  3. Players can now display companions in Creation Mode. Companions now also have their own dedicated photo and video taking templates, to better capture them up close.

New Gameplay: Nusa Tycoon

Available: 2023/3/16–2023/5/14 at 23:59 (UTC+0)

  1. During the event, each player gets their own island. Spend Nusa Coins to upgrade buildings on the island to increase the island’s Prosperity.
  2. The island has 3 main buildings, which will change in appearance as they are upgraded.
  • Regal Resort: The Resort is located along the sandy beach in the southeast corner of the island, which generates a certain amount of earnings every day based on its level. Players can work at a friend’s Resort to help them manage their business, and in doing so, earn additional Nusa Coins for the owner and workers. As the Resort’s level increases, players can unlock up to 5 slots for friends to work at their Resort.
  • Mysterious Cavern: The Mysterious Cavern is located on the west side of the island. Players can play a treasure hunt mini-game at the Cavern to obtain Nusa Coin Crates and Collectible Items. A better Collection increases Prosperity. As the Cavern’s level increases, the Collectible Item spawn rate also increases.
  • Cargo Terminal: The Cargo Terminal is located on the northern coast of the island. The Cargo Terminal increases the Prosperity of the island by giving a percentage Prosperity bonus.
  1. As the Island’s Prosperity increases, the island’s button graphic in the Lobby also gets upgraded. Manage the island and upgrade the buildings to unlock more advanced appearances during the event!

New Season: Cycle 4 Season 11

Available: 2023/3/21 at 2:00 (UTC+0)–2023/5/22 at 23:59 (UTC+0)

  1. New Legendary rewards: C4S11 Glasses, C4S11 Set, C4S11 Parachute, C4S11 – Groza, C4S11 Mask, C4S11 Cover.
  2. Tier Protection displayed in the Lobby has been improved. Special icons are used in the next match.
  3. Season Shop display has been improved. Current season items are now highlighted, and added more general display details.
  4. Season Recaps can now be shared to Moments and Clans.

System Improvements:

  • Classic Mode Improvements

  1. Added firearm ammo type descriptions to the pick up list
  2. Decluttered the main interface of unnecessary information by blocking marks over 800 meters away.
  3. Improved the recommendations for Non-Standard Screens in the Graphics Settings and simplified the recommended options for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models.
  4. Improved the driving camera of the Coupe RB.
  • In-Match System

  1. When being carried by teammates, players can choose to break away. After doing so, the teammate will be unable to carry the same player again for 1 minute. This feature does not apply to getting carried by enemies.
  2. Players can choose to enable sound visualization on the main gameplay interface. After enabling, footstep sounds, vehicle sounds, and other sounds will show directional information.
  3. The in-match LIKE feature has been improved. The logic of the LIKE button now prioritizes responding to swipes, to avoid unintended interference from swipes.
  • In-Match Feature Improvements

  1. Spawn Island: Added an Assemble feature to Spawn Island. Now, when the Spawn Island countdown ends, it plays a team assemble animation (in order to ensure smoothness for every player, the animation may differ depending on the device). This feature is available in Ranked and Unranked modes.
  2. Parachuting improvements: The reticle has been added to the jump phase, to make marking things easier during this phase. The light column that shows after marking something has been improved. The light column now shrinks as a player gets closer, to avoid obstructing vision.
  3. Plane improvements: Improved the plane’s starting sequence after leaving Spawn Island for a better atmosphere.
  4. Improved the process of using Throwables to make it smoother and more unified.The throw arc of Throwables is no longer interrupted by glass windows. The throw arc now shows immediately upon equipping Throwables, to better gauge where something will be thrown. This feature can be enabled under Settings – Controls – Advanced Controls.
  • Popularity Battle Event

  1. Register to participate in the Popularity Battle event and win tons of rewards.
  2. During the battle period, get matched with a powerful opponent every 3 days for a popularity contest. Lasts 10 rounds in total.
  3. During the battle period, the Popularity of both competitors will be compared. The one with the highest Popularity wins.
  4. The winner can claim some of their opponent’s points.
  5. Participate in Popularity Battles to win Battle Points and increase Battle Level. The higher the Battle Level, the better the rewards.
  6. During the event, Battle Level will be ranked across all participants on the server. The higher the rank, the better the rewards.
  • Social Feature Improvements

  1. Chat improvements: New quick chat messages with friends. Players can select from quick message presets to team up with friends and more. New Lucky Packs in World Chat and Clan Chat. Players can compete with others in the Channel to see who can claim Lucky Packs first.
  2. Social Player Cards can now be set with a custom Audio Card. Added new Social Player Card background themes. They can be configured from the Profile’s settings.
  3. Popularity Gift improvements: Gifts can now also be sent while spectating.
  4. Friend feature improvement: New Friendship Medal. Once players play a certain number of matches together with the same friend in a week, they’ll both receive the Friendship Medal mark. Doing so also gives a large amount of Synergy and Popularity Gifts.
  • Recall System

  1. Improved Assemble system. Invite friends that haven’t played for a long time to come back and collect rewards if they return. Images can now be directly shared on social media platforms.
  2. More explicit promotion of the Assemble system. The mission page will show a pop-up guide.
  3. Assemble system header reorganization. The Assemble page now shows by default.
  4. Assemble page display improvements. If a friend has not yet been successfully invited back, Assemble Mission content will not show again.
  • Mail Feature Improvements

1. Improved the animation effect to be faster and smoother when collecting all mail item attachments with one tap.

2. Mail now supports images. Tap an image to quickly get redirected somewhere else.

3. Improved the logic of collecting BP from mail sent by friends. Red dot notifications no longer appear when the daily collection limit is reached.

  • Other feature improvements.

  1. 90 FPS support for Xiaomi 13 (2211133G), Honor PGT-N09, Xiaomi Poco F5 Pro, Xiaomi 12T Pro, Motorola Moto X40, OnePlus Ace 2V, OnePlus 11, OnePlus Ace 2, Lenovo Legion Y900, Vivo iQOO Neo 7, ZTE nubia Red Magic 7S Pro, ZTE nubia Red Magic 7, ZTE nubia Red Magic 7S, ZTE nubia Red Magic 8.
  2. Shop improvements: Character lighting and firearm display has improved. Now shows more details.
  3. Lobby banner display improvement: Adjusted banners for easier viewing and access.

All-Talent Championship

All-Talent Championship S12 Available: 2023/3/27–2023/5/11 (UTC+0)

  1. New Event Shop rewards: Kitty Dancer Set (Legendary), Kitty Dancer Cover (Legendary), Butterfly Wayfarer Set (Epic), Butterfly Wayfarer Cover (Epic), Witherer – AUG (Epic)
  2. New All-Talent Championship S12 Crate rewards: Kitty Dancer Set (Legendary), Kitty Dancer Cover (Legendary), Butterfly Wayfarer Set (Epic), Butterfly Wayfarer Cover (Epic), Witherer – AUG (Epic), Neon Punk (Blue) – UZI (Epic)
  3. New first and second runner-up rewards: Monkey Vanguard Set (Legendary), Monkey Vanguard Cover (Legendary), Monkey Vanguard Mask (Legendary), Azure Defender Cover (Epic)

Safety Improvements:

  • Account Security

  1. New mobile device linking requirements: Added a device login requirement for high-level accounts. Linking will be restricted if abnormal login is detected.
  • Security Detection Improvements

  1. Improved cheat detection for auto aim, speed hacks, AoE damage, faster parachuting, and more.
  2. Improved violation detection for unfair cooperation, escorting, and more.
  3. Improved the detection of illicit third-party trading in-game.
  4. Improved voice violation detection for languages such as Turkish, Arabic, Russian, and more.
  5. Flexible security plan. Improve players’ feeling of security and general experience.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the black screen issue that occasionally occurred when entering the Aftermath map.
  2. Fixed the issue with NPC enemy models that sometimes occurred in Metro Royale.
  3. Fixed the issue with Shared Portable Closet on the Nusa map.
  4. Fixed the issue with the Jump button sometimes being unresponsive after respawning.
  5. Fixed the issue with sometimes appearing on the vehicle’s roof when entering and exiting vehicles.
  6. Fixed the audio issue when using the Hang Glider.
  7. Updated the Spellbook Ornament’s appearance and Arabic localization.

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