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Paladins – PTS Update Notes | SUN & MOON

PTS Update 1 | June 24th, 2019

Fixes Marked with [Live] were seen in the Live environment and will be added to “The Hunt” section of the Sun & Moon Update Notes.

  • [Lex] Fixed an issue where players could have both Death Hastens and Discovery Talents equipped.
  • [Io] Improved moonlight’s UI smoothing.
  • [Champion] Fixed an issue where Atlas was still listed as new instead of Io.
    [Ruckus] Fixed an issue where Hexafire was not playing its animations.
  • [Io] Adjusted and improved Io’s AI.
  • Fixed an issue where Io’s recolor was not displaying in the Season Pass.
  • [Battle Pass] Fixed an issue where the included 3D sprays were not making sounds.
  • [Io] Fixed an issue where Moonlight did not heal through enemy Atlas’ Stasis Field.
  • [Battle Pass] Fixed an issue where the Battle Pass had no skin booster or level up sound effects.
  • [Shore Patron Lian] Adjusted Lian’s “kneel” joke so it would not risk confusing enemies into thinking she’s ulting.
  • [Live][Battle Pass] Fixed an issue where some battle pass purchase notifications are not appearing.
  • [Io] Made edits to lobby timing to ensure there is a SmooOOooth transition between Intro, Idle, and Variant animations.
  • Updated Short description of Shore Patrol Battle Pass.

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