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Paladins – 1.8 Patch Notes | BATTLE PASS 3


Drop the beat with our brand new Battle Pass! Battle Pass #3 features new Remix skins, the highest quality skins ever assembled in Paladins. The Legendary Strix, Pip, Seris, and Jenos Remix skins feature an updated version of the music and VFX introduced with Raeve Maeve and include a unique song for each skin!

  • Battle Pass #2 (Ninja) cannot be purchased after the release of Update 1.8
    • Players will not be able to unlock any more Battle Pass #2 rewards. The Battle Pass #2 and Battle Pass #1 buy-in unlocks will still be available through the Season Pass.
  • Battle Pass #3 (EDM) will be available for purchase with the release of Update 1.8 and is scheduled to end in early January 2019.

The Battle Pass allows you to experience Paladins like never before. Receive instant rewards for purchasing and unlock over 100 more goodies by playing and leveling up your Battle Pass. All players start earning Battle Pass #3 experience as soon as Update 1.8 is released and can level up from 1 to 50. Battle Pass members unlock a reward every level and also unlock the rewards from the free track.

The Paladins Battle Pass #3 costs 600 Crystals and rewards you just for playing. You can unlock up to 175 Crystals in Battle Pass #3, reducing the cost to 425 Crystals for a music pack, four skins, and dozens more great rewards!

Instant Unlocks (Exclusive to Battle Pass Purchasers)

  • Remix Strix – New Legendary Skin!
    • Features unique VFX and Music
  • Exclusive “Beat Mania” EDM Music Pack
  • Exclusive “Equalizer” Animated Loading Frame
  • 50% Boost for the duration of Battle Pass on Battle Pass Experience, Account Experience, Champion Experience, and Gold Earned

Epic Tiered Rewards (Exclusive to Battle Pass Purchasers)

Level 10

  • Remix Seris – New Legendary Skin!
    • Features unique VFX and Music

Level 20

  • Light Show, 3D Spray

Level 30

  • Remix Pepper – New Legendary Skin!
    • Features unique VFX and Music
Developer Commentary: We’re always looking to push our skins further, and with this skin we are excited to introduce an all-new Vulpin character with a familiar kit: Pepper! As seen in her splash art, the Pepper skin represents an alternate universe version of Pip. As a new character, Pepper will have her own unique Champion portrait in-game, but she plays exactly like Pip. Note: You can not have a Pip and a Pepper on the same team.

Level 40

  • Chomp Chomp, Death Stamp

Level 50

  • Remix Jenos – New Legendary Skin!
    • Unique VFX and Music

Other Battle Pass Exclusive Unlocks

Team Skin Boosters – New!

  • Unlock all non-limited skins for you and your team!

Static Sprays

Animated Spray


Community Avatars by MECHii and Rubiini

Roaming Dance Emotes

  • Seris
    • Drop the Beat
  • Pip
    • Pepper Step
  • Dredge
    • Jolly Jig

MVP Poses

  • Legendary MVP
    • Khan, Sentinel
    • Strix, Recline
  • Rare MVP
    • Moji, Good Boys

EDM Role Chests

  • The Role Chests make their return featuring Voice Packs, recolors, and a Legendary Dance emote for all roles.


  • Complete Battle Pass Challenges for experience to help speed your way through the rewards track. Completing all 5 Tiers of Battle Pass Challenges unlocks the limited title “The DJ”.


Completed the Battle Pass early? Play an Encore and complete it again! Players who own and complete the Battle Pass will automatically start gaining experience in our new Encore Rewards Track. This track features new Challenges, experience boosters, Crystals, and the ultimate Limited reward: Redux Strix!

  • Encore is only available for Battle Pass Purchasers
  • Players who have purchased the Battle Pass will automatically begin progressing through Encore after reaching the max level of 50
  • The Encore Rewards Track features the same total experience as the original level 1-50
  • Redux Strix is a Limited skin. It will never be available again after Battle Pass #3 is complete.


Dragon Arena, inspired by the Dragon’s Call event, is our newest Team Deathmatch Map. Explore a Warder training ground where the ancient dragon masters once honed their skills.

  • Powerup
    • Located in the center building
    • Provides 100% Ultimate Charge to the Champion who picks it up
    • Respawns every 60 seconds


Ride into battle atop a gleaming Obsidian Warhorse and speed up your Battle Pass progress with the new Obsidian Pack!

Price: $14.99

  • Obsidian Warhorse – New!
  • 200 Crystals
  • 3,000,000 Battle Pass Experience

Note that the Obsidian Pack will not be available on Nintendo Switch until 1.9.



Gyro Controls

Switch and PS4 Players may now activate Gyro Control functionality in the Controls section of the Options Menu! Gyro is the next level of player-to-game interface and has strong advantages over the traditional console control scheme. The range of motion and responsiveness of a players wrists outclasses that of a players thumbs, a fact that Gyro controls makes apparent once a player is accustomed to the mechanics. Paladins is the first multiplayer game to support Gyro Controls on PlayStation 4!

  • Gyro Control Functionality
    • Allows the player to move their camera by physically moving the game controller
    • The sensitivity of Gyro Controls allows players to easily fine-tune their aim
    • Players trying Gyro Controls for the first time should be patient and play many matches to develop their reflexes and aiming capability
    • Experienced users may adjust their X and Y axis Gyro sensitivity


Dark Tides Event Ending

The Dark Tides event will come to a close with the release of 1.8. Players who have not spent their Vault Key will have it converted into Iron Madam Inara.

VFX/Music Skin Tech

The VFX and Music technology used for Raeve Maeve has undergone several improvements to VFX visual fidelity and consistency of audio feedback.

Equipping the EDM Weapons from Jenos, Strix, and Maeve will modulate the brightness of non-EDM skin effects to the beat of the Weapon music.


Want to buy your friend an Epic skin or thank the player who carried your last Ranked match? 1.8 introduces the ability to purchase gifts for your friends! The Gift menu can be accessed from the Paladins main menu and will allow you to purchase one of three gifts for players on your friend list.

  • Large Gift: 300 Crystals
    • Contains Epic and Legendary skins along with two Rare Mounts
  • Medium Gift: 75 Crystals
    • Contains Rare and Epic Skins, emotes, weapons, and sprays
  • Small Gift: 50 Crystals
    • Contains Rare and Epic Emotes, titles, and MVP Poses

You can send gifts with your name attached or anonymously. You can also include the following messages with your gift:

  • Thank You!
  • You are Awesome!
  • Let’s Play Again!
  • Happy Holidays
  • Happy Birthday
  • This one’s on me
  • GG

Players must be at least level 10 in order to send gifts.

New Chest Screen

Our chest opening scene has been completely re-hauled. The new scene includes a brand new chest opening animation and a full 3D Champion model of the opened skin, emote, or MVP pose.

Test Maps

Three Tests Maps are back for a limited time during 1.8. Players can access the Test Map queue in their Quick Play settings.

  • Rush (Siege)

  • Hangar 18 (Siege)

  • Arid (Siege)

Please note these maps are very early in development. The purpose of the test map queue is to gather data in order to create better maps for you in the future. If you run into any issues or have any feedback, please post on the Paladins Forums.

New Splash Art

  • Barik: Team Fortress 2

  • Bomb King: Default, Monarch

  • Buck: Buck Wild

  • Fernando: Default, Daring

  • Maeve: Alley Cat


Skye Visual Rework

Skye has undergone a visual rework. Now The Twilight Assassin looks more like she belongs in our fantasy Realm — the sort of Champion who might have once worked for The Thousand Hands.

The old default Skye is now named Twilight and will be purchasable for 1 Gold during 1.8.

  • Default – New!

  • Guild Skye – New!

Festive Chest

  • Cost: 125 Crystals

The Festive Chest is making a return to the Realm! Celebrate the winter holidays in some holly jolly skins, now including the all new Cuddly Moji skin inspired by TheGrowingSeed’s fantastic Sock Puppet Moji art.

A portion of the sales from each Festive Chest roll will benefit Child’s Play, a charity that seeks to improve the lives of children in pediatric hospitals and other child welfare facilities by providing games, toys, and books.


  • Epic Skins
    • Cuddly Moji – New!
    • Merrymaker Evie
    • A-bomb-inable Bomb King
  • Weapon Skins
    • Mal’Damba, Spitzen
    • Jenos, Polaris
    • Makoa, Snow Cannon
    • Barik, Festive Blunderbuss
    • Pip, Festive Launcher
    • Sha Lin, Jolly Longbow
  • Mounts
    • Snowflake
  • Legendary Emotes
    • Evie, Double Axel
  • Voice Packs
    • Moji
    • Evie
    • Bomb King

Convention Skin

Mastery Skins

  • Golden Ash – New!
    • Unlocked by reaching Mastery Level 50 on Ash

  • Golden Grover – New!
    • Unlocked by reaching Mastery Level 50 on Grover

  • Golden Skye – New!
    • Unlocked by reaching Mastery Level 50 on Skye

Esports Chest

The follow skins have been added to the Esports Chest, obtained from watching select eSports broadcasts on

  • Blood Moon Cassie
  • Quicksilver Ying


Developer Commentary: In 1.8, we put our focus towards sources of strong burst damage. Dealing high damage in a short time can be a very powerful tool in the right hands to secure kills, but we felt that many characters had too much potential damage, too frequently. We have made several changes to rein in the more potent burst combinations.


  • Talents
    • Heads Will Roll
      • Removed Headshot Damage Increase
      • Increased Ammo Bonus 2 ➡️ 3


  • Abilities
    • Fire Spit
      • Reduced Damage 1000 ➡️ 900
    • Salvo
      • Reduced Explosion Radius


  • Talents
    • Shrapnel
      • Removed Damage Increase


  • Talents
    • Solar Blessing
      • Added unique sound on Pyre Strike for allies when Solar Blessing is equipped.


  • Magnums
    • Reduced Damage 350 ➡️ 320
    • Increased Ammo Capacity 10 ➡️ 12
    • Increased range at which damage falloff begins
    • Reduced severity of damage falloff
  • Abilities
    • In Pursuit
      • Reduced Damage 1050 ➡️ 960


  • Talents
    • Nightshade
      • Reduced Damage Bonus 800 ➡️ 500
  • Abilities
    • Dead Zone
      • Reduced anti-healing duration after exiting deadzone 2s ➡️ 1s


  • Talents
    • Eagle Eye
      • Reduced Headshot damage increase 50% ➡️ 25%



  • Ash
    • Fixed an issue with Assert Dominance that led to a jittery jump experience
  • Terminus
    • Fixed an issue that led to a jittery Shatterfall experience
    • Fixed an issue where the “Playing God” card did not function
    • Fixed an issue where the “Strength of Stone” card did not function
  • Buck
    • Fixed an issue that led to a jittery Heroic Leap experience
  • Fernando
    • Fixed an issue where you could not headshot Fernando from certain angles
  • Grover
    • Efflorescence now properly doubles the passive healing from Blossom on Grover without the need to die first
  • Kinessa
    • Fixed an issue where the “Quick Scope” card was granting less of a benefit than intended
  • Lian
    • Fixed an issue where Presence was not counting as a weapon attack
  • Mal Damba
    • Fixed an issue that caused an incorrect icon to display for Snake Toss in the death recap screen


  • Fixed a systemic issue where sounds would stop playing after the first time


  • Bots are now properly awarded credit for assists


  • Fixed a collision issue with a rock formation that allowed players to clip into the map on Jaguar Falls
  • Fixed a collision issue in the spawn rooms that caused players to get stuck in Maurader’s Port
  • Fixed a collision issue within the maps combat space that caused Talus to get stuck while using his Ultimate in Maurader’s Port

Match Queues

  • First Win of the Day rewards enabled on Training maps


  • Portraits of champions in rotation are now colored in even if they aren’t owned
  • Champions in rotation are displayed as such even if they are owned
  • Healing values for scoreboard and MVP awards in the end of match lobby now show the same number
  • Talents now have a hover-over description on the Scoreboard
  • Players can set actions like “Reload” to the mouse wheel and it will correctly function in game now
  • While in the item store, you can now press tab to view other player’s loadouts
  • FWOTD indicator visible from the start now
  • Starting a shooting range match no longer causes Viktor to be displayed on the UI
  • The “Return to Lobby” button now appears in all training and custom matches
  • Players can now unmute teammates in match with the mute button


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