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Neverwinter – 23 July 2020 Patch Notes

Release Notes


Content and Environment


  • Unsealed Fate: This quest has automatically reset for players who have it. In addition, this quest should no longer be able to get into a state where the player cannot see Alric when they need to talk with him.



  • Ensnared: Additional messaging has been added to make it clear when Garmuun the Vile escapes.
  • Killing Nalfeshnee demons in Avernus Heroic Encounters should now update quests looking for defeating demons.
  • Leaving the Infernal Machine now clears Action Points.
  • The radio in the Infernal Machine should no longer cut out unexpectedly.
  • The Warmachine enemy in a Heroic Encounter should now animate correctly.
  • Treasure nodes should be a little easier to interact with.
  • Various quests that gave inconsistent progress between party members have been addressed.


Avernus: Blood War

  • There should no longer be a significant delay on War Party spawns if the same side of the Blood War wins several times in succession.
  • Various cases, where the Blood War could go much faster or much slower than intended, have been addressed.



  • The achievements “Big Air” and “Hell’s Gardener” now have counters, so players can track their progress.
  • The achievement for completing the Path of the Fallen campaign no longer completes just from completing the campaign task, What Was Lost.
  • The in-game achievements that require Deeds can once again be achieved. Their descriptions have been updated to match the requirements.



  • The item level for scaling has been increased by 1000 in the following dungeons: Caverns of Kaarundax, Temple of the Spider (Normal difficulty), Master of the Hunt.


Summer Festival

  • Piñatas now only drop loot when destroyed.



  • Tower of Alteration: There should no longer be a spot for the camera that will cause the entire building to vanish.
  • Temple of the Spider: There’s no longer a door leading to a completely empty, old part of the map.



Combat and Powers


  • Heart of the Dragon Set Bonus: Changed to increase Recharge Speed by +10%.


Classes and Balance

  • General: Various powers that previously could incorrectly build Action Points outside of combat have been addressed.
  • Fighter: Dreadnought: The Heavier Slash feat now properly increases the magnitude of Heavy Slash by 435 when it procs, as stated in its tooltip.
  • Warlock: The tooltip of Curse Bite now more clearly states that it is a Curse Consume power, and does not interact with Power of the Nine Hells.
  • Warlock: Players have received a free, but forced, retrain for their powers. This resolves an issue where Dreadtheft and Curse Bite could become unselectable.
  • Wizard: Arcanist: Storm Spell can now crit, but now has an internal cooldown.


Item Powers

  • Faulty Iron Flask: The tooltip now properly includes Earth and Fire elementals as potential summons, and the damage dealt by each of these summons is now closer in line with each other.



Enemies and Encounters

Zariel’s Challenge

  • Zariel will now use her power “Armor Break,” even if the target is more than 25′ away.



Items and Economy


  • Legendary Insignias now require an extra prompt before discarding.
  • Magnificent Resurgence Lockbox: Legendary mounts earned from this lockbox from this point on will be unlocked for the entire account once they’re bound.


Reward Claims Agent

  • Enchantments and Runestones can once again properly be claimed from the Reward Claims Agent.


Zen Market

  • Acquisitions Incorporated Campaign Buyout is now properly available for purchase on the Russian PC environment.
  • Acquisitions Incorporated Campaign Buyout: The “Bane of the Incorporated” token no longer takes up inventory space. Existing tokens may still stick around in the inventory; double-clicking may move it.



User Interface

Auction House

  • The “High Bid” and “Buyout” columns have been widened so that overlaps are less likely to make it appear as if items are being sold for less than they are.


Refinement / Upgrades

  • The ward count no longer shows up during the upgrade result animation.



Performance and Stability


  • At least one performance draining issue has been addressed.

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