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Neverwinter – 14 September 2020 Patch Notes


Redeemed Citadel, Milestone II

The second milestone of the Redeemed Citadel campaign will become available at 10:00 AM PDT (17:00 UTC)! With the milestone comes the Standard difficulty version of the Zariel’s Challenge trial, which provides a more approachable method of experiencing the content and learning the mechanics.

Read more about the second milestone here: Redeemed Citadel – Part 2!


Mount Changes and Upgrades

With this release, we’ve introduced the ability to upgrade any Mount from its initial quality all the way up to the new Mythic quality. All mounts now have three insignia slots, have a Passive and Combat power, and those powers now scale to the quality of the mount that grants it. (Or, if multiple mounts grant the same power, the highest quality among those mounts.)

With this change, we’ve added a new type of equipment for Mounts: Mount Collars. These are very rare, tradeable drops in dungeons, and can also be purchased from the Zen Market. When upgrading a collar, keep in mind that the mount sharing its stable slot must be of equal or higher quality than the collar, or the collar will not grant its benefits.

In addition, the Zen price of Epic Mounts has been reduced, as has the price of Epic Companions. A free pack is claimable, once per account, from the Reward Claims Agent (or the “Claim Rewards” option on the Home Page) to help you jump right into the new mounts experience.

Check the feature out in more detail on the news post: Mount Changes & Upgrades


Changes to Early Leveling Experience

The flow of the tutorial has been updated, the Staff of Savras intro campaign (and Deeds store) has been removed, and the Acquisitions Incorporated campaign now begins at level 60, increased from level 15. Players who were already on the Acquisitions Incorporated campaign can still continue even if they’re below level 60.

See this forum post for more details: Changes to Early Leveling Experience



Known Issues

Avernus Hunts

  • The “Party Leader Decides” loot setting does not currently function for assigning loot from Avernus Hunts.


Mount Update

  • If a character had a passive mount power other than Dominant Force slotted, it is extremely likely that the slotted passive will swap to another in the character’s possession when logging in for the first time. This will only happen once per character.
  • Due to some late changes, some mount tooltips may be inaccurate in French, German, and Russian locales.


Zariel’s Favor

  • If a character has not completed the quest, Mote of Virtue, it’s incorrectly possible for them to “complete” the weekly Favor challenges without gaining Favor, and prevent themselves from claiming that Favor later that week after completing Mote of Virtue.
  • When opening the reward chest at the end of Valindra’s Tower while it’s a weekly challenge, the error text “You have reached the limit for obtaining: Zariel’s Favor” appears. This does not prevent the character from gaining the appropriate value of Favor.




Release Notes


Content and Environment


  • A few lights have been re-added to certain parts of the Avernus environment.
  • Infected Manes now have more potential spawn locations.
  • When dying and reviving in the Wastes, the character is no longer immediately shoved back into their Infernal Machine.


Rage of Bel

  • Certain dialogs now have better-aligned images and text.


Redeemed Citadel

  • Quests which incorrectly counted other player’s progress have been addressed, and now only count the character’s own progress.



  • The Dead Rats: If two players are in a party, and one player talks to Gothwan, the other is no longer incorrectly prevented from completing the “Talk to Gothwan” quest step.
  • Trouble Brewing: This quest now provides Sharandar quest credit for the appropriate Legacy Campaign weekly.


Queued Content

  • Cradle of the Death God: Players should no longer retain Resurrection Sickness stacks after dying and releasing in this trial.
  • Lair of the Mad Mage: There should no longer be respawn points that fail to clear stacks of Resurrection Sickness.
  • Zariel’s Challenge: The initial release difficulty has now been renamed Zariel’s Challenge (Master).



Combat and Powers


  • Grung’s Instinct has been rebalanced to be more in line with other companion powers, and to function as its tooltip states.



  • Various mount powers have been tweaked as part of the upgraded Mounts system.



Enemies and Encounters

Rise of Tiamat

  • Certain warning effects should now display more consistently.


Zariel’s Challenge

  • Rain of Swords no longer deals damage to players who are immune due to recently using a Raise Dead Scroll.



Items and Economy


  • Avernus: Broken Hellfire Engine items now state in their tooltips what weapons they upgrade into.
  • Companion Upgrade Tokens can now be purchased at the Trade Bar Store.
  • Hell Pit: All event currency gained from Hell Pit—including the currency in characters’ inventories—has been transformed into a currency that will be usable for more events in the future. No value has been lost in this transition, and it will be usable for future runs of Hell Pit.
    • Token of Brimstone has been converted to Token of Participation.
    • Token of Flames has been converted to Token of Challenge.
    • Token of Achievement has been converted to, er… Token of Achievement. But with a different icon and tooltip text.
  • Rage of Bel: The base chances to receive the Infused Metal Rod and the Ring of Bel have been significantly increased.
  • Vanity Pets styled after mounts now have “Vanity” in their name, so the distinction is clearer between the pet version and the actual mount.


Redeemed Citadel

  • Resolved an issue wherein weapons of the Blessed Blade did not appear in the equipment tab of the store.
  • Resolved an issue wherein the weekly challenge “Refinement” would advance or complete when a nearby player finished an objective.
  • Resolved an issue wherein the 10,000 daily astral diamonds purchase in the store was erroneously titled “rough astral diamonds.” This is a text only change, the purchase will continue to grant 10,000 refined astral diamonds as indicated in the tooltip.
  • Resolved an issue wherein the preservation wards granted by the “5 Preservation Wards (Weekly)” purchase were not bound as advertised.
    • The “5 Preservations Wards (Weekly)” purchase has been adjusted from Bind on Pickup (Character) to Bind on Pickup (Account).
  • Resolved an issue wherein items in the reclaim store were not available and the error text indicated that they should be available.
    • Items are now available for reclaim when they have been claimed by the character and the milestone has reached the completed state. The error messaging has been updated to indicate such.
    • Note that for items which are available in the reclaim store and from multiple personal tracks such as “Blessed Rings of the Herald,” available in milestone I and II, the final milestone where the item is available as a reward needs to have been completed for reclaim to be available. However, you only need to have claimed the pack from either milestone, and not both.
    • The reclaim price of packs which contain equipment has been increased. This increase does not affect cosmetic items.


Zen Market

  • Infernal Key Bundle: This purchase is once again available, and will be purchasable up until the beginning of the Redeemed Citadel, Milestone III.
  • Most Companions purchased through the Zen Market are now reclaimable account-wide. As a result, Companion purchases are now bound on pickup, rather than on use.
  • Rare-quality Mounts and Companions now cost 1000 Zen, reduced from 1200 for Companions and 2000 for Mounts.
  • Epic-quality Mounts and Companions now cost 1500 Zen, reduced from 1700 for Companions and 3500 for Mounts.
  • Epic Mount Collars are now available in the Zen Market in the Supplies category, and are discounted by Mount category sales.
  • Mount Upgrade Packs, containing 75 Mount Upgrade Tokens, are now available in the Zen Market in the Supplies category, and are discounted by Mount category sales.



User Interface

Item Conversion

  • When converting Insignias to Insignia Powder, the process will now stop when the player reaches the Insignia Powder cap.



  • When adding a mount to the stable, it now clearly states if the player has all the associated mount powers.

Zen Market

  • Purchases that the player doesn’t qualify for no longer have the icon grayed out. (They should still show appropriate error messages if the player does not qualify.)


  • For French players, there is no longer a large amount of vertical space on keybind labels. Note that, when using capital letters, any accents on them will be cut off by the top of this label.
  • The radio show while riding in the Infernal Machine has now been localized to French, German, and Russian locales.

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