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Neverwinter – 10 August 2023 | Dread Ring Hotfix: Daily Mission Events Restored!

Release Notes

Content and Environment


  • The Demonweb Pits introduction quest “A Personal Summons” now clarifies that players need to also complete the mission “Whispers in the Dark” in order to access the Whispering Post. “Whispers in the Dark” is available regardless of item level until the next module is released.

Future Events

  • The event “2x Currency: Legacy Campaigns” now boosts Infernal Scrap and Canian Iron Bars from the Path of the Fallen campaign.

Combat and Powers


  • Vistani Artifact Set Bonus, Eilistraee’s Grace Ring Update
    • Vistani’s Curse and Midnight’s Malady have been reworked. This should allow players to use multi-target at-wills to constantly re-apply both bonuses to a single target (but no stacking!)
    • Both powers should now work ‘as described’

Mount Powers

  • Uni: Uni’s Charge is no longer cancelled if a player uses an Encounter or Daily power after activating it, but before it hits the target.
    • Dev note: This is an attempt to address a report that Uni’s Charge would sometimes not take effect after activation. It’s possible there are other circumstances; we’ll keep an eye out for further reports in case this fix is incomplete.

Items and Economy


  • The end chest of the Demonweb Pits dungeon should now have a chance to drop Legendary and Epic rings when completing Advanced mode.

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