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Mortal Kombat 11 – MARCH 2020 Patch Notes

23 March 2020 Patch Notes

  • We have addressed the graphical glitches and as promised we have re-enabled the 60 FPS
    options for Krypt, Menu and Cinematics – thank you for your patience.
  • Fixed an issue where some languages were missing subtitles for Spawns cinematics.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing a crash when exiting the Towers of Time.
  • Fixed an issue where tagged moves were invisible during the gameplay in practice mode.
  • Discord – fixed an issue with Sindel and Jokers Intro/Victory cinematics not displaying in game.

17 March 2020 Patch Notes

General Gameplay Adjustments
Move list corrections
Improvements to AI logic
Fixed issues with some augments not granting correct bonuses
Increased the button input buffer when exiting a block hit reaction from 2 to 5 frames
Practice Mode > AI Options > Kustom > Block Attack options now have more defined options Fast, Delay, Late which will perform the Block Attack on the first frame, randomly delayed or on the last frame
Practice Mode > AI Options > Record now has a new Recording Slot to be used for Kustom Getup / Reversal
Practice Mode > AI Options > Kustom > Reversal Attack now has an option for Kustom Reversal & Kustom Reversal with Navigation which uses the Recording Slot Kustom Getup / Reversal starting with the button press or the directional input when with Navigation
Practice Mode > AI Options > Kustom > Getup Attack now has an option for Kustom Reversal & Kustom Reversal with Navigation which uses the Recording Slot Kustom Getup / Reversal starting with the button press or the directional input when with Navigation
Added several new Brutalities for players to discover
All Getup/Flawless Block Up+Front Kick attacks will no longer hit opponents from behind except for Kung Lao, Sonya, and Geras
Fixed an issue with several Krushing Blow Requirements sometimes not working correctly while the opponent is still in a hit reaction animation
Added new Nether Forge Recipes for players to discover
Fixed an issue when cancelling an accepted invite would prevent further invites form the same lobby.
Fixed an issue with cinematics not being displayed in 21:9 in Theatre Mode.

Known issues:
We have temporarily disabled the 60 FPS MODE option, because we have seen graphical glitches with some characters, and we need a little more time to clean up the cinematics at 60 FPS. Due to this, the Krypt, Menu and Cinematics will remain at 30 FPS regardless of their setting chosen in the Options menu. This issue is now considered to be high priority to be fixed as soon as possible in a future update, which we hope to have out to you in the coming days. Thank you for understanding and we apologize for the temporary inconvenience that it may cause to some of you.
Certain languages subtitles are not present with Spawn’s intros.

We are actively working on delivering a fix for these issues as soon as possible.

Character Specific Adjustments
Cassie – Fixed a visual issue with holsters that could sometimes occur when performing Dual Wielding Amplified

Geras – Reduced the travel distance of Dash Forward and Dash Backward
Geras – Increased the recovery on miss of Sand Trap and Quick Sand by 4 frames

Jacqui Briggs – Directing Bionic Bounce Towards or Away costs one bar of defensive meter
Jacqui Briggs – The landing recovery frames of (Air) Shrapnel Blast, (Air) Grenade Launcher, and (Air) Prototype Rocket can no longer be circumvented when being 2in1 cancelled from a Jump Attack with specific timing

Jade – Wiggle Stick (Away + Back Punch) can now still be 2in1 cancelled if the first or second attack hits the opponent but the last attack misses
Jade – Blazing Nitro Kick Krushing Blow requirement no longer resets when it is missed

Jax – Gur-Knee (Towards+Back Kick) no longer has different hit advantage when hitting standing and ducking opponents
Jax – Ripped Amplified now recovers 4 frames faster on hit & 6 frames faster on miss and is now -8 on block (down from -4)

Johnny Cage – Rising Star can no longer be Amplified when it is Flawless Blocked
Johnny Cage – Rising Star Amplified now costs one bar of both offensive and defensive meter when Rising Star is blocked or misses

Kotal Kahn – Heavy Blade (Back Kick) now starts up 1 frame faster, can now be 2in1 cancelled, and has a different hit reaction
Kotal Kahn – Yeyecame Disk now causes 5 more frames of blockstun and has more pushback when normal blocked
Kotal Kahn – Fixed a visual issue with Totem visual effects persisting during some fatalities

Kitana – Fixed an issue with Dark Deception (Away + Front Punch, Back Kick, Back Punch) Krushing Blow not triggering if the third attack is a Kounter
Kitana – Edenian Strike now has 1 more frame of hitpause
Kitana – Fan Toss Amplify can now be delayed by up to 7 more frames
Kitana – Reduced the combo damage scaling of Fan Lift & Fan-Nado and its reaction no longer allows the opponent to Breakaway
Kitana – Royal Protection buff no longer gets removed after using certain attacks
Kitana – Royal Protection buff now grants a stacking damage buff (up to 50%) for each successful projectile parry that lasts 10 seconds and the timer is reset with each successful parry
Kitana – Edenian Twist Krushing Blow requirement “Triggers if FATAL BLOW is on cooldown” no longer will be possible after DEADLY GAME (Fatal Blow) has successfully hit
Kitana – Edenian Twist Krushing Blow now has an alternate requirement of “Triggers if it KOUNTERS or PUNISHES a LOW or DUCKING attack”

Kung Lao – The reaction to Vortex no longer allows the opponent to Breakaway
Kung Lao – Fixed a rare issue with Omega Hat not working correctly if side switch occurs after performing Orbiting Hat

Noob – Shadow Slide Amplified has a slightly increased hit region when opponent is in a combo
Noob – Fixed issue with camera when (Air) Tele-Slam hits a cornered opponent

Shao Kahn – Wrath Hammer has replaced Reverse Wrath Hammer when Shao Kahn is summoned with the Helm of Kahn Konsumable
Shao Kahn – Wrath Hammer Krushing Blow requirement is now “Triggers if Hammer Throw hits TWICE in a row”

Skarlet – Scythe Slam (Away+Back Punch) deals 20 more damage

Sonya – Energy Discharge (Up+Front Kick) Getup/Flawless Block now starts up in 11 frames (was 13) and no longer has 2 frames of vulnerability before its active frames

Sub-Zero – Correct audio now plays during Intros when using the Dimitri Vegas Skins against an opponent using Joker

Shang Tsung – Fixed a rare issue that could cause Lift Amplified to miss the opponent while in the Lift hit reaction

Terminator – Fixed an issue preventing several lines of in-game dialogue from being used when playing as Terminator

Sindel – Come Forward (Front Punch, Front Punch, Back Punch) no longer hits opponents from behind outside of combos

Joker – KAPOW Krushing Blow is now +5 on hit (up from -25)
Joker – Toward Throw Krushing Blow requirement “Triggers if FATAL BLOW is on cooldown” will no longer occur after SMILE (Fatal Blow) has successfully hit

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