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H1Z1 – PS4 NEW Arcade Mode


A new Arcade Mode ruleset is available for the next two weekends – Shotties & Snipers! Are you ready to take aim or get up close and personal? Shotties & Snipers plays out like a typical Solos match, except that the only weapons available in military crates and airdrop crates are shotguns and snipers. As you parachute in, the airdrops will begin – Riot Shotguns will be the only weapons that spawn on the ground, so find a military crate or fight for an airdrop to upgrade!

With limited weapons available, you’ll only need to find a Waist Pack to have all the storage you need. Will you go for the Gold and pick off your opponents with the M40, or close the distance with the Combat Shotgun?

To play Shotties & Snipers, select the “Arcade” option from the Play menu. Shotties & Snipers will be available at the below times in each region:

  • NA Shotties & Snipers:
    • 10AM PDT on Friday, August 24 through 10AM PDT on Monday, August 27
    • 10AM PDT on Friday, August 31 through 10AM PDT on Monday, September 3
  • EU Shotties & Snipers:
    • 10AM CEST on Friday, August 24 through 10AM CEST on Monday, August 27
    • 10AM CEST on Friday, August 31 through 10AM CEST on Monday, September 3

Looking for extra rewards to level up your Battle Pass? An Event Challenge will be active each weekend that Shotties & Snipers is available – just get 10 Top 10 finishes in Shotties & Snipers to earn 10 Battle Pass Medals! This Challenge can be completed each weekend, for a total of 20 Battle Pass Medals (2 full Battle Pass tiers).


  • Landing two headshots with the SOCOM will now always eliminate the target, regardless of what helmet the target is wearing.
  • Fixed a bug where pressing certain buttons while entering a vehicle would then prevent players from entering first person when aiming down sights.
  • Skinned M40 Sniper Rifles now correctly count for the “One Eye Closed” Trophy.
  • Optimized smoke grenades for improved client performance, particularly when numerous smoke grenades are active in the vicinity.
  • Temporarily removed vehicle dirt particles to improve client performance. We are currently working to optimize these particles before readding them.


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