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H1Z1 – NEW MODE: Turkey HUNT !

If you like to gobble up wins, there’s a new event waiting just for you! Starting this Friday, November 16 and running for the next two weekends, a NEW event will be available in Arcade Mode: Turkey Hunt. This mode plays out like a typical Solos match, with one notable exception – everyone starts off in their own personal Overstuffed Turkey Ghillie Suit!

Showing you’re the deadliest hunter gets you a special prize. Win 1 match of Turkey Hunt while it’s available in Arcade Mode and you’ll automatically unlock the Overstuffed Turkey Ghillie Suit to wear in any game mode!

As mentioned, Turkey Hunt is a limited-time event, so keep an eye out for when Arcade Mode will be unlocked:

Turkey Hunt Weekend 1

3PM PST on Friday, November 16 – 3AM PST on Monday, November 19

Turkey Hunt Weekend 2

3PM PST on Wednesday, November 21 – 3AM PST on Monday, November 26


  • New players will now be matched with other new players of similar level when playing Solos.
  • The Battle Pass menu now shows your active XP Boost in the top left corner.
  • Get ready to gobble! Starting this Friday, November 16, a special limited-time Turkey Hunt will be available in Arcade Mode with a new reward to match.

Turkey Hunt


  • Fixed an issue where players were not receiving the correct amount of Battle Pass Medals for increasing their Season Level.
    • If you were missing any Battle Pass Medals due to this issue, the correct amount will be automatically added to your account during the downtime for your region.



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