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Fortnite 17.30 Patch Notes | New Toy : The Grab-Itron and Abduction of Slurpy Swamp


You can use this weapon to pull in objects in front of you. It is sometimes referred to as a “UFO in your hands” by the IO or a “portable ordinary aircraft” by the Aliens. (This is a tough one.) Pull an object in with its flying disc, carry it with you, and then launch it at an opponent. The amount of damage it deals is determined by its size, composition, and launch speed.

The Grab-itron can be used for more than just offense. If you have an object pulled in, it will block damage from in front of you until it can no longer withstand it. Also, try using the Grab-itron to catch and propel incoming explosives. Grab-itrons can be found inside the Mothership, on top of Abductors, and in chests.


The Aliens have unleashed their latest tactic, which was planned from the start: abducting specific POIs. A massive tractor beam from the Mothership is currently encircling Slurpy Swamp, bringing this industrial district to an untimely end.

A POI being kidnapped may be cause for concern, but it could also be interpreted as a new battle strategy. Because an entire district, such as Slurpy Swamp, is quite heavy, the tractor beam is forced to break it up into chunks as it lifts it. While in the tractor beam, jump from platform to platform, maneuvering around your opponents with dexterity.

Abducting an entire POI takes time, so keep checking back throughout the week to see how the abduction is progressing.


Enjoy the close quarters combat of a small Storm circle? After respawning, do you want to resume the action right away? Compete with your team to attain 60 eliminations in the brand-new Team Brawl Limited Time Mode before the opposing team. If you lose, you won’t skydive to respawn; instead, you’ll fall to the ground, returning you to the fight immediately.

Every time you respawn, a fresh loadout will be supplied to you. There is just one POI where matches take place, and for better defense, the non-player structures there are reinforced. Is the opposing team surpassing yours? Keep trying; if they get too far ahead in the eliminations, you’ll get a helping hand. The team’s members will all start to appear marked in your line of sight and visible behind walls. When the lead falls by a specific level, these effects cease to exist.


  • IO R&D has paid off: the Pulse Rifle now does more damage when aiming down sights.
  • The Heavy Assault Rifle now deals increased damage, has a slightly reduced fire rate, and for the first few shots, has a higher accuracy than before.


  • Fixed an issue with Fortnite’s “3D Headphones” option on PlayStation 5 in which stereo sounds wouldn’t spatialize, resulting in the stereo sounds being 2D. (This would especially impact close-range gunfire.)
    • Please note: In order for the “3D Headphones” option in Fortnite to take effect, 3D audio must be enabled in your PlayStation 5’s system settings. (Settings > Sound > Audio Output > Enable 3D Audio).
  • Fixed an issue involving vehicle radios not playing at times when trying to turn them on.
  • Fixed an issue involving vehicles driving erratically, caused by the player in control being in a Prop state. Vehicles can no longer be interacted with if the player is in a Prop state.


  • Please note that the Grab-itron is not present in competitive playlists.

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