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Dead Cells

Dead Cells

Dead Cells – 1.8.4 & 1.8.5 Patch Notes

Dead Cells 1.8.5 Patch Notes

Important features

  • Translation included for all langages.

Quality of life

  • The Beginner’s Bow and the Old Wooden Shield are no longer “side hand only”.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Conjonctivius interaction with freezing (platform staying out, etc.)
  • Fixed “on destroy” affixes appearing on the Swarm.
  • Fixed the obtention of the White □□□□ Outfit being conditioned by having unlocked the regular □□□□ Outfit in a previous run. Now just wearing the regular outfit is enough.

Dead Cells 1.8.4 Patch Notes


  • Community suggestion Small amount of damages will no longer break the ice (excepted Fire damages).

Graphics & UI

  • Changed the Fogger fog’s color in Prison Depths to see it better.

Bug fixes

  • The Bad Seed The Flawless door after Mama Tick no longer opens after trigerring a certain secret.
  • The Bad Seed Fixed some behaviour bugs on the Mushroom Boi.
  • Fixed a cinematic having a green colored character.
  • Fixed some problems with the new head critical indicator.
  • Fixed Fogger fog being invisible in some cases.
  • Fixed Samurai still blocking projectiles while stunned.
  • Fixed some crashes.

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