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Dead Cells – 1.8.1 & 1.8.2 Patch Notes | Crowbar Update

1.8.2 Patch Notes


  • Removed the interaction between the Crowbar and the breakable props. Rebalanced the damage and critical values to match.
  • Community suggestion Improved reactivity of the crouching hitbox.
  • Community suggestion Reduced height of Dark Tracker hitbox to better match the animation.

Level design

  • The Half-Life lore-room now only appears once you’ve unlocked the Teleport rune.
  • Community suggestion Prevented the Arboretum entrance from appearing too close to the beginning of the game.
  • Community suggestion Added a teleport at the very beginning of Cemetery so mobs don’t spawn too close to the entrance.

Graphics & UI

  • Dead Cells window is now titled … Dead Cells.
  • The Bad Seed Improved some lore room graphics.
  • Added new monsters sprites to the statistics panel.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed item description not appearing when you are accompagnied by a friendly mob.
  • Fixed Earthquaker hitting through walls.
  • Fixed Comboter hitting through walls.
  • Fixed Conjonctivius drops sometimes not spawning.
  • Fixed Conjonctivius platforms disappearing on reload.
  • Improved some crash error messages. So it crashes just as often, but now we know why.
  • Fixed a typo in the french description of the Warrior Shield. An english patchnote entry for a french typo … cool.
  • Fixed Lightning Whip hitting hidden blocks through walls.
  • Fixed Tentacles hitting behind them while sweeping (the Hook should be safer to use on them now).
  • The Bad Seed Fixed a seed error in Arboretum. Ah! Bad seed … ehehe.
  • The Bad Seed Fixed a crash on hero death while the Mushroom Boi! was active.
  • The Bad Seed Fixed some lore room decorations from obscuring enemies.
  • The Bad Seed Fixed a crash occuring when picking up the Tick Schythe while having only one hand occupied.
  • Fixed The Hand of the King being petrified by the mere sight of an Emergency Door.
  • Fixed description of Fire and Oil on destroy affix.
  • Fixed Rat passing through the player even when paried.
  • Fixed Enforcer getting stuck in their attack animation.
  • Fixed Architect Key secret not being always open after being discovered once.
  • Fixed some crash linked to the new monsters.
  • Fixed some crashes occuring when destroying the Emergency Door.

1.8.1 Patch Notes

Level design

  • The Bad Seed Reversed Arboretum, Morass and Nest transition to stay coherent with the levels.
  • Ensured lore rooms containing Blueprints are generated even if the “Disable lore rooms” option is active.

Bug fixes

  • Reduce the freeze that occur when entering a sublevel.
  • Fix bosses behaving strangely (force fields not activating, Timekeeper skip, etc.).
  • Fix crash upon destroying the Emergency Door.
  • Fix some crashes related to Enforcers.
  • The Bad Seed Fix minimap display in Morass of the Banished.
  • The Bad Seed Fix the infinite Tick Scythe bug.
  • The Bad Seed Fix crash when entering a BC door in Morass of the Banished.
  • Other minor bugfixes.

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