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Dead Cells – 1.5.2 Patch Notes | Prison Depths

Level design

  • Community suggestion Slumbering Sanctuary‘s 2bc door now leads to a 2-choices altars instead of a food shop. The number of fragments has also been decreased by two to be on par with Stilt Village and Graveyard.
  • Add a 60 kills door to the transition from Toxic Sewers to Corrupted Confinement.
  • Community suggestion Graveyard: Adding a cursed chest, decreased number of triple scrolls by 1. The 2bc door now leads to a guaranted food shop.
  • Clock Tower: Adding a cursed chest, decreased number of triple scrolls by 1.
  • Toxic Sewers: Adding a cursed chest, decreased number of triple scrolls by 1.
  • Community suggestion You can now use the homunculus to grab items you left in the cursed treasure room in Corrupted Confinement and Prison Depths.
  • Community suggestion Corrupted Confinement entrance is now larger to prevent Bombers to aggro you right at the start of the level.

Graphics & UI

  • Community suggestion The leech affix now has its own icon on item drops.
  • The leech, double damage and quad damage affixes now have their own icons in item descriptions.
  • Dedicated explorer rune icon.
  • Community suggestion Explorer’s Instinct now colors rooms differently depending on if they were visited by the player or not.

Quality of life

  • Community suggestion The grenade affix on weapons no longer un-freeze enemies.
  • Add a special icon on infected food.
  • Recycling Tubes and Explorer’s Instinct can now be disabled in custom mode.

Bug fixes

  • Items in the Recycling Tubes can no longer be grabbed by the homonculus.
  • The buttons in the Giant’s Lair exit to the Throne Room are now correctly wired. The electrician that scrambled everything has been arrested, executed and found guilty of treason. In that order.
  • The door leading to Cavern from the Graveyard is now open in 100% unlocked alpha save.
  • Fix camera focus sometimes not working in the Recycling Tubes room.

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