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Dead Cells – 1.3 Patch Notes | Elite Rework !

Important features

  • Thunder Shield rework:
    – Parrying charges you up, dealing damages all around you.
    – Using the shield again when charged up discharge instantly, stunning ennemies.
    – Keeping the shield up still deals damages in front of you.
  • Community suggestion We nerfed arbiter.
    That’s all folks!
    And locked them up in the Cavern in all difficulties, for good measure.
  • New mob: the RampagerThink Zombies, but deadlier.
    Replaces the Arbiter for difficulties BC3+ in all levels.
  • Community suggestion Elite rework:
    – Removed minions
    – Removed the bump when the Elite enrages
    – Weapons and Activables dropped by Elites always have a starred affix.
    – Prevented some mob + ability combos : Shield + Shielding pylons, Failed Experiment + Rotating laser and Bomber + Rotating laser
    – Fixed elites seeing you through walls when climbing one-way platforms.
  • Thunder Shield rework:
    – Parrying charges you up, dealing damages all around you for 8 seconds.
    – Using the shield again when charged up discharge all damages left instantly, stunning ennemies.
    – Keeping the shield up still deals damages in front of you.
  • Two new Brutality mutations:
    – Adrenalin: Dodge an ennemy attack at the last second and gain lifesteal on melee damages for a few seconds.
    – Frenzy: Gain lifesteal on melee damages while in speed boost.
  • New affix on amulets: Reveal invisible ennemies.
  • Community suggestion Added an option to remove screenshake.


  • Community suggestion Arbiters nerf:
    – Now only attacks horizontally.
    – Added a deadzone in close range where the hero is safe.
    – Removed them from all levels in BC3+ and put them in Cavern.
  • Flawless buff: Reduced cooldown before crits from 30 seconds to 15 seconds.
  • Javelin buff:
    – Cooldown before the weapon comes back automatically reduced from 15 to 10 seconds.
    – The weapon comes back immediately if it falls in spikes or lava.
  • Bombers nerf:
    – Increased charging time before melee attacks.
    – Removed them entirely from Toxic Sewers.
  • Demons nerf:
    – Slightly reduced density in Castle.
    – Stunned on contact with the hero when in mid-air.
    – Slightly increased stun time.
  • Golems nerf/fix:
    – No longer stunlock to death.
    – Elite Golems can no longer teleport next to the hero. But they can still teleport the hero next to them.
  • Knifes Throwers nerf:
    – Stunned on contact with the hero. Elite Knifes Throwers are not though, be careful!
  • Added Flask recharges where the Fountain is broken in BC1.
  • Community suggestion Spikes in Beholder‘s Pit are now retractable.
  • Community suggestion Timed Doors now open if you reach them at the exact last second.
  • Community suggestion [Custom Mode] level modifier Blood no longer resets the kill counter.
  • Community suggestion Added a tiny time frame of invulnerability after opening a chest or picking up a scroll. Less unfair deaths, yay!

Level design

  • Community suggestion Fixed some lore rooms never appearing in Astrolab.
  • Community suggestion Fixed a challenge room being impossible to finish.
  • Community suggestion Fixed Cavern sometimes generating an unescapable corridor under entrance bridge.
  • Community suggestion Added Lanterns in boss arena when the Darkness modifier is active (from [Twitch] or [Custom mode]).
  • Lantern are now spawned in multi-treasure rooms when the Darkness modifier is active.

Graphics & UI

  • The Broadsword now glows yellow on the second and third strike.
  • Community suggestion Fixed a gap sometimes appearing in Astrolabbetween the shops roof and its decoration.
  • Community suggestion Fixed Arbiter being stuck in an animation and sliding on the ground.
  • Community suggestion Fixed color of Treasure rooms spilling out a little in outside levels on the minimap.

Music & Sfx

  • Changed SFX for the Forgotten Map.
  • Added a SFX on Failed Experiment dodge.

Bug fixes

  • Community suggestion Legendary altar can no longer spawn in front of doors.
  • Community suggestion Fixed an elevator not going high enough in Astrolab.
  • Community suggestion Fixed a small gap sometimes appearing in Cavernentrance.
  • Community suggestion Fixed meta settings being ignored in [Custom mode]Speciality shop, random equipment at the start, etc.
  • Community suggestion Fixed attack indicator on slowed ennemies.
  • Community suggestion Fixed Hayabusa boots range on the last hit. Did you know that it used to push everyone in the level? Yeah, we didn’t either.
  • Community suggestion Fixed the cooldown for the Owl being inconsistent.
  • Community suggestion Fixed turrets shooting at Giant‘s hands after its death. My immersion!
  • Community suggestion Fixed Failed Experiment hitbox and hurtbox.
  • Community suggestion Fixed some walls with auto-rectractable spikes being climbable.

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