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Dead Cells – 1.2.8 Patch Notes


  • Hokuto Bow can no longer be affected by the Ammo x2 mutation.
  • Community suggestion Owl is no longer a Brutality skill
  • Community suggestion Kunai Master can no longer turn over during its attack sequence.
  • Owl attacks now break the hero invisibility.
  • Community suggestion Ammo stuck on Conjonctivius will now drop during its invincibility phases.
  • Fixed some incompatible shield affixes (ie. freeze + poison)
  • Force Shield is no longer affected by the Ammo x2 mutation.
  • Added diminishing returns limit to Sismic Strike root effect.
  • Shield bearer enemy is no longer stopped by cute worms or turrets when charging.
  • BC4 enemy Teleportation can no longer happen in the middle of an attack sequence.
  • Community suggestion Explosive Crossbow is now about twice faster but has limited ammo (which auto-refills). Its damage & stun ability were balanced accordingly.

Level design

  • Updated Slumbering Sanctuary level generation: fixed some issues with paths from entrance to exit being way too shorts.
  • Community suggestion Added a new exit between Slumbering Sanctuaryand Cavern that can be opened at BC2+, and if you have killed the Giant at least once.

Graphics & UI

  • Fixed What doesn’t kill me description: it only works when parrying a melee attack.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed incorrect affix description “Bleed on parry” (which was previously labeled as “Burn on parry”).
  • Killed tentacles that could remain in the level after a Conjonctivius battle.
  • Malaise reduction from Necromancy no longer works on boss secondary mobs (like Conjonctivius tentacles)
  • Fixed Twitch votes stacking during Conjonctivius battle.
  • Failed Experiment can no longer turn-back if he is immobilized.
  • Community suggestion War Javeline can no longer receive any useless piercing affixes.
  • Possibly fixed animation getting stuck after a parry with Parry Shield.

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