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Dead Cells – 1.2.6 Patch Notes

Important features

  • Community suggestion New FrontLine Shield which is a Survival/Brutality shield that that gets +X% damage if you recently hit an enemy using a melee attack. It drops in a secret place, somewhere.


  • Community suggestion Poison, bleed and fire no longer trigger the free shield related force-field.
  • Community suggestion Meat Skewer dash direction is more consistent: if you hit nothing, it just goes forward ; if you hit something, it will alternate back & forth as expected.
  • Community suggestion Reduced the S-tier forge cell cost by about 25%.
  • Community suggestion Rapier now inflicts critical hits after a shield parry.
  • Community suggestion Added random items as rewards for some puzzle rooms containing blueprints you already have.

Level design

  • Community suggestion Added back a cursed treasure in Prison Depths.
  • Added BC-locked doors to Cavern.

Graphics & UI

  • Added the possibility to quickly access to the tier category in the mutation UI
  • Fixed incorrect Malaise reduction value displayed on clean food when having Gastronomy mutation equiped (this mutation doesn’t increase malaise reduction).
  • Updated FrontLine shield animation & icon.

Bug fixes

  • Locked correctly the Mirror.
  • A lot of minor bugs have been fixed.

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