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Dead Cells – 1.2.5 Patch Notes

Important features

  • Added the Mirror: this item, once unlocked right after the Specialist Showroom, will help you for blueprint hunting 🙂
  • Community suggestion Heavy weapons (ie. slow but powerful weapons) have changed. They have unique affixes that will increase their damage, give stun effect or area slow-downs. If you manage to hit your target, it shouldsuffer.
    Attacks done with these weapons can no longer be interrupted if you get hit by an enemy, except if this enemy stuns you.
  • Community suggestion Heavy weapons are no longer Survival only, they are back to Brutality/Survival hybrid.
  • Community suggestion New FrontLine Shield which is a Survival/Brutality shield that that gets +X% damage if you recently hit an enemy using a melee attack.
  • Temporal distorsion was removed from the game.
  • Full Malaise will now leave you with ~10% HP max. It will no longer kill you directly.
  • Tactics builds now have slightly less HP at higher levels, while Brutalitywill get a little more HP.


  • Heavy weapon crit affix can no longer stack with the classic crit affix.
  • New item: remedy that reduces Malaise level (it can be bought in food shops).
  • Decreased Melee mutation infection immunity duration.
  • Necromancy Malaise reduction is now a fixed value (not percentage based anymore). It no longer works on Elites and was slightly adjusted for bosses.
  • Tainted flask mutation now refills 1 flask unit if it’s empty and you kill X elite enemies. This X scales down with your Brutality.
  • Soldier Resistance mutation now limit your Malaise increments to 1 unit every 1.2s (instead of the default “1 unit every 0.35s”).
  • You can’t received more than 1 Malaise infection marker every 0.35 sec (used to be capped at 0.2 sec).
  • Berserker mutation now only works for melee kills (you need to hit your victim with close combat attacks shortly before its death). It now provides Malaise immunity for 3s after such a kill.
  • Community suggestion Decreased What doesn’t kill me heal values.
  • Some very specific weapons are no longer affected by the Ammo x2mutation (like Boomerang, Frost blast, etc.)
  • Extended Healing now heals 85% HP in 15 sec, it adds extra dmg during that duration. It gives a chance to drop a small Malaise remedy when killing Elites.
  • Community suggestion Knife Thrower enemy can no longer use its dodge skill while he is shooting kunais.
  • Community suggestion FailedExperiment has a much longer lock time after its heavy attack. He can’t dodge incoming attacks during this period.
  • Community suggestion Balanced Giant Killer attack sequence & damage.
  • Parry and Punishment are no longer Tactic shields.
  • Updated the Hayabusa Gauntlets: they now inflict critical hits if the target has 40% HP or less.
  • Community suggestion Balanced Blade will now have increasing damage (up to +100%) as long you continuously hit something. It deals Critical hits after 10 hits.
  • Community suggestion Meat Skewer now performs 3 dashes in a row that pierces enemies in front of you.
  • Community suggestion Bosses & Elites will now get more life in higher difficulties.

Level design

  • Timer is now paused on Tailor Room.
  • Removed Cursed treasures from prison depths.

Graphics & UI

  • Updated mutation icons
  • Fixed wrong lava height in Cavern
  • Improved light scattering performance in outdoor levels
  • Fixed Malaise reduction notification
  • Community suggestion Invisible enemies will now become briefly visible if they use an attack or skill.
  • Fixed Hayabusa Boots & Gauntlets animations.
  • Community suggestion Removed “Infection reduced” notification on a boss fight we can’t talk about.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed random crash on Mob
  • Fixed homonculus weird behaviour when it was close to Kamikaze Bat
  • Fixed Cavern seed errors
  • Fixed Cemetery seed errors
  • Fixed heavy weapon “slow-down affix” applying to items in the background.
  • Kamikaze bat no longer triggers Necromancy.
  • Fixed Knives Master throwing kunais in the wrong direction.
  • Fixed FailedExperiment hit boxes.

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