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Dead Cells – 1.2.2 Patch Notes

Important features

  • The Legendary Forge gameplay was updated: you can now invest cells up to 100% drop-rate in any rank (+, ++ and S), but you cannot invest in a rank if the previous one wasn’t filled completely. Some ranks are also now locked, based on the current Difficulty setting.Here are the current values:

    – Normal mode: “+” rank up to 100%, “++” rank capped at 50%,
    – Hard mode: “+” and “++” ranks up to 100%,
    – Very hard mode: “+” and “++” ranks up to 100% and “S” rank capped at 25%,
    – Expert mode: “+” and “++” ranks up to 100% and “S” rank capped at 50%,
    – Nightmare mode:all ranks up to 100%.

  • Berserker is a new Brutality mutation that grants up to 60% damage reduction after killing an enemy.
  • The Berserker mutation drops from base zombies for now, this will change before Beta.
  • Community suggestion Decreased every mob tiers in BC1, BC4 and BC5. Other difficulty levels (including BC0) remain unchanged.


  • Polished █████████ dash attack
  • Tweaked Giant damages
  • Add Thaw resist on Giant
  • The elite skill “Electric field” (similar to shocker skill) now lasts 0.5s instead of 1.5s.
  • Reduced the “+” rank at the Legendary Forge (now 750 cells instead of 1000 cells).
  • Community suggestion Ice Shard now has a limited amount of ammo that refills quickly after a short period of time.
  • Community suggestion Valmont Whip now has a much larger hitbox, making crits easier to happen. It also no longer locks your controls after an attack.
  • Owl is now a Tactic/Brutality skill.
  • Community suggestion Death Orb twice lasts twice longer against enemies before exploding.
  • Ammo +1 affix no longer exists as a normal affix. It can still happen on legendary Boomerang.
  • Community suggestion Enemies in BC4 have a much shorter aggro range.
  • Community suggestion Arbiters can no longer teleport in BC4.

Level design

  • Fixed trapped player in Sewer transition level if he doesn’t have a spider rune.
  • Food shops no longer have a useless Reroll option.
  • Fixed potential impossible scroll location in Cavern.
  • Added missing Guillain mutation shop before and after Cavern.
  • Connection between Sepulchre & Giant now requires to have killed the Giant at least once.
  • Fixed Key being unattainable in Sepulchre.

Graphics & UI

  • Polish on the spawning room (banner changed, added junk and vfx…)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Save/Reload on Giant combat
  • Non-BC4 mob teleportations should now also interrupt elite skills like Cage or Electric Field.
  • Fixed skipping █████████ at the end.
  • Fixed various crash on save import
  • Fixed Save/Reload on █████████
  • Fixed unlocking Great Owl of War

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