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Dead Cells – 1.2.1 Patch Notes

Important features

  • The Custom Mode is now unlocked by beating a mini-boss in Prison Roofs.
  • Community suggestion Food drop was rebalanced:
    – you now have 100% chance to have 1 unit on mobs and 1 unit hidden in walls in every levels,
    – one food unit dropped by mobs is guaranteed to be clear from Infection,
    – food sold by shops is now always clean.


  • Community suggestion Legendary altars can no longer shield elites.
  • Elite “Cage” skill is now slightly larger but also inflicts slightly more damage.
  • Community suggestion Flask refills bought from shops received a permanent 40% discount.
  • Community suggestion Mobs will now be locked for a longer time after a BC4 teleportation (no more “instant attack after teleportation”).
  • Community suggestion Mob teleportation now interrupts elite skills like “Cage” or “Electric Field”.
  • Elite skill “Cage” can no longer charge if the mob can’t see the player.
  • Community suggestion Reduced KunaiMaster overall damage.
  • Community suggestion Reduced Failed Experiment big guy thing damage.
  • KunaiMaster shooting range was divided by 3.

Level design

  • Community suggestion Fixed lore rooms generated before the middle gate in Fog Fjord.

Graphics & UI

  • Polish on the Quarry – Added glow on chains in the Cemetery.
  • Stronger Toxic cloud fx
  • Community suggestion BC4 mob teleportation now displays briefly a “ghost shade” of the mob who is about to teleport.
  • Camera now aims higher when climbing on walls

Bug fixes

  • Fixed abnormal CPU usage on some items (like Ice shards or Decoy)
  • Fixed crash in lava
  • Fixed elite shrine massive glow on save/reload a run
  • Fixed crash when you die in lava.
  • Thornies are no longer allowed to teleport while rolling over your face.
  • Fixed Knight Corpse always giving the blueprint
  • Fixed Giant skip
  • Minor CPU optimizations with some weapons & mobs.

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