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Dead Cells – 1.1.6 Patch Notes | Re-Balancing HP

Important features

  • Community suggestion The way the player’s HP scales has been vastly rebalanced for Brutality and Tactic. You should have much more HP at higher levels, preventing from being one-shot (if your build is balanced).
    Brutality used to give extra HP until level 14, it now caps at level 45 (30 for Tactic).
  • [Custom Game] You can now save up to 10 custom presets
  • Community suggestion Increased HP given for each scroll you pick. The new values are +60% HP for Brutality, +50% HP for Tactic and +70% HP for Survival.
  • Community suggestion 3 shields are now Survival/Tactic: Punishment, Parry Shield and Knockback Shield.


  • Lacerating Aura has a shorter cooldown and a slightly larger area of effect.
  • Added a permanent Light when custom gameplay Darkness mode is enable
  • Limited the frequency of scrolls on mobs.
  • Reduced Fighter Endurance (or whatever it will be unbaguettized into) mutation bonus.

Level design

  • Multi Treasure (which replaces normal Treasure) in Prison Cells is now rare.

Graphics & UI

  • Hide useless information during boss fight

Bug fixes

  • [Custom Game] Disabled golden door when charged items is disabled
  • Fixed legendary altar generation crash.
  • [Custom Game] Fixed crash when changing boss rune with adaptation gameplay
  • Fixed constant gameplay choosen by the viewers during Streaming mode
  • The first bomb (that splits into smaller ones) thrown by the Grenader enemy now properly inflicts damage.

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