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Dead Cells – 1.1.2 Patch Notes

Important features

  • You may now find Legendary Altars in some levels. They grant you a legendary item but you’ll have to kill all the nearby enemies first.
  • Fixed a major bug with the way new Cooldown Reduction mechanics scaled. CDR mutation should now cap around Tier 25, and each of them scales with specific values.
  • Community suggestion Enemy levels were reduced in BC-4.


  • Community suggestion Boomerang can no longer receive “Ammo +3” affix.
  • Community suggestion Balanced cluster grenade damage and cooldown.
  • Community suggestion Slightly decreased Spartan Sandal “wall” damage.
  • Community suggestion Decreased Cudgel damage.
  • Community suggestion Rampart Shield has 2s stun time again, like other shields.
  • Spiteful sword now deals critical hits if you’re cursed OR if you got hit up to 8 sec ago.
  • Acceptance mutation now inflicts 5 curses when eating food.
  • Community suggestion Balanced Pyrotechnics: shorter casting time, the 4th fireball is twice more powerful and the weapon no longer has limited ammo.
  • Prevented some affixes to be added to skills with very short cooldown (ie. Swarm).
  • Balance elite ShieldPylon crystals (more life & float higher).
  • The lightning bolt no longer rally lost health if it’s held beyond its limit.
  • Community suggestion Balanced pyrotechnics (faster attack sequence).
  • Decreased Lightning Whip crit damage.
  • Community suggestion Reduced forge costs for S-tier items (upgrading from ++ to S and rerolling S).
  • Community suggestion Slightly reduced BC-0 difficulty.
  • Community suggestion Decreased Broadsword damage a little bit.
  • Increased Nut Cracker critical damage.
  • Corrupted Power cooldown was halved.
  • Slightly decreased Death Orb cooldown and increased its “max dealt dmg” limit.
  • “Bow & Endless Quiver” now deals more damage and inflicts a critical hit on last arrow.
  • Quick Bow deals more dmg for critical hits and has 1 extra ammo.
  • Duplex bow now shoots 3-arrows at a time and is considered a Tactic/Survival weapon. It’s slower, but deals more damage.
  • Decreased Fire Grenade cooldown.
  • Decreased Explosive Decoy cooldown.
  • Decreased Lacerating Aura cooldown.
  • Decreased Wings of the Crow cooldown.

Level design

  • Community suggestion Simplified homunculus secret rooms
  • Fixed a ladder being too close to spikes in a trap room
  • Community suggestion The link between Prison Depths & Ancient Sewers now only requires 1 boss cell.
  • The link between PrisonDepths and Ancient Sewers also requires a Ram Rune.
  • Added more homonculus secrets.
  • Fixed multiple teleports in Ramparts.
  • Fixed cadaver pile location in Mutation Shop.
  • Ground secrets should no longer spawn in spikes (and lava).
  • Community suggestion Increased timed door values.

Graphics & UI

  • Weapons that have unconditional critical hits (like Twin Dagger or Broadsword) now only show a single DPS value in their description.
  • Added some deco behind starter weapons in “Prisonners’ cells”
  • Fixed Custom Game UI glitch on 4K monitor.
  • Changed UI for choosing experimental save
  • Community suggestion Mobs carrying a legendary loot are now marked with a star above their head.

Bug fixes

  • Spartan Sandals can no longer kick wall secrets away.
  • Fixed Elite shield pylons crash.
  • Community suggestion Force Shield can be held after a successful parry.
  • Community suggestion You can parry with the ForceShield even if its energy is depleted.
  • ForgeRefine upgrade now requires “Money IV” instead of “Money V”.
  • Fixed crash when homunculus get a gem
  • fixed a LD bug in Ossuary
  • Fixed some mobs that shouldn’t be able to teleport in BC4 mode.
  • Homunculus can now trigger “secret area” messages.
  • The mouse cursor is now correctly hidden (DirectX version)

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