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Battlefield V – 1.08 Patch Notes

New Vehicle – Sturmgeschutz IV

Practice Range Improvements and Features

Panzerstorm Map Updates

Soldier Fixes and Tweaks

  • The volume attenuation of third-person footsteps over distance has been increased. It is now at a point between the original shipped value and the previous update. At 25m from the player, the footstep volume will now drop to 28% (11dB drop) of the volume heard when compared to someone next to the player. This compares with a previous update value of 71% (3dB drop), and an original shipped value of 10% (20dB drop).
  • Footstep sounds on snow have had their perceived volume reduced slightly.
  • Fixed a bug where players were unable to redeploy if they had been killed by Dynamite and then almost got revived by a medic.
  • Made multiple bipod deploy detection improvements on different surfaces that would previously be ignored or tend to easily not connect.
  • Transitioning to prone is no longer possible if there is not enough space to fit the player.
  • This means that players will no longer attempt to prone if there isn’t enough space to begin with. The feature is currently missing messaging that will come into a later patch.
  • Fixed an issue where it wouldn’t be possible to damage players performing a high vault.
  • Increased the minimum vault height when players are moving forward with a minimum forward velocity of 1m/s. This improvement will reduce situations where players will vault over small height obstacles (rubble etc.) instead of simply jumping.
  • General vaulting improvements.
  • Players are no longer vaulting stairs when trying to jump while running.
  • Added a faster ledge-grab animation that can be triggered when falling for a short duration.
  • Improved the slow ledge-grab animation to make it less jarring.
  • Made the detection of ledge grab continuous when pressing and holding the vault key while falling. Mashing buttons is no longer required to grab a ledge while falling.
  • Improved tracking of enemy soldiers by reducing the leaning on turns and sharp direction changes animation. This will keep the soldier’s upper body steadier and bring more consistency to combat (mostly with rifles and pistol poses).
  • Fixed an issue where the enemy soldier’s head would be turning towards the wrong direction when some nearby events would be playing, creating situations where players could feel like they got killed by players not looking at them.
  • Fixed an issue where the transition between killcard and bleed out would be delayed for a minimum of three seconds.
  • Fixed an issue where the revive icons seen above downed friendlies would not deplete preventing players from understanding the time left for a revive.


Weapons, Gadgets, and Specializations


• Fixed an issue where the repair tool would sometimes not work when attempting to repair the Universal Carrier.
• Cancelling an armed grenade can now be done by either pressing reload or any of the inventory switch buttons.
• Aiming Down Sight (ADS) animations with all weapons and all sights have been revamped to better reflect the correct point of aim while strafing and walking. All rifles, SMGs, LMGs, and shotguns now have improved visual stability across all scopes and firing a first shot will be much more accurate.
• The transition animation from stand to crouch while in ADS has been improved to better match the accuracy changes.


• Removed the floating bullets when getting shipments to the Armory for the Bren Gun.
• Fixed an issue where SMG magazine parts would sometimes disappear when swapping from the smoke grenade launcher back to the primary weapon.
• Fixed an issue where the M1907 SF iron sight was obstructed by some muzzle customizations.
• AT Mines should no longer appear as floating in the air for players joining after those mines have been placed.

Maps and Modes

• Frontlines: Fixed several issues with Frontlines that were causing the game mode to be played with the wrong number of players, the HUD to be missing, and some text strings not showing the correct information.
• Fixed an issue where players could be notified that their “deploy point is no longer available” when attempting to spawn.
• Removed any traces of Reinforcements from the Domination and Team Deathmatch game mode, as Reinforcements are not intended for these modes.
• Fixed an issue on Aerodrome that would let players get into an unintended area within the airplane hangar.
• Improved the painted floor textures on Hamada near Objective F when playing Conquest. They were previously very blurry.

Panzerstorm-Specific Fixes and Changes



• Multiple crash fixes and stability improvements.

Single Player

• The single player menu now tracks the progression after the user completes the requirements for the challenge named Stay Undetected in the Storm.
• The single player menu now reflects the progression after the user completes the requirements for the challenge named Play Onslaught.

PC-Specific Improvements

• Players joining on friends that are on a full server will now be placed in the queue instead of being prompted by the “squad is full” error message.
• Improved how the single player loads on certain AMD GPUs. Players should no longer have 20 seconds of black screen and should see a loading cinematic much faster.

Xbox One-Specific Improvements

• Fixed an issue which could result in a black screen if players resumed the game from standby mode after having played single player.
• The “chat” window is once again visible.

PlayStation® 4-Specific Improvements

• The “chat” window is once again visible.
• The game will now show the player’s PSN Profile when pressing the L3 button while navigating platoon members in the “find platoon” screen.

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