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Warframe 24.7 Patch Notes | PLAINS OF EIDOLON REMASTER

*Reports of Corpus tileset doors having the same issue are being investigated.

To move a mountain, become the mountain. Embody the tectonic power of Atlas with this landmark skin.

With seismic force shatter and sunder, blow upon blow. Enemies quake at the sound of these signature sparring weapons.

Austere crystalline beauty, formed over time, deceptively delicate, lethally sharp. The Stratum Syandana perfectly complements Karst, Atlas’ deluxe skin.

Shake the earth with this collection of deluxe items for Atlas that includes the Atlas Karst Skin, Tecton Sparring Skin and Stratum Syandana.


Garuda (Dread Mirror) Dread Ward
Become unkillable for 5s when Dread Mirror kills a target by ripping its life force.

Revenant (Reave) Blinding Reave 
Enemies hit are blinded by fog for 10s.

Nidus (Virulence) Teeming Virulence 
Hitting 4 enemies with Virulence grants 120% Primary Weapon Critical Chance for 15s.

Khora (Strangledome) Pilfering Strangledome 
Enemies held in Strangledome have a 65% chance of dropping additional loot.

Secondary Energy Color Changes & Fixes:

  • Secondary Energy color now applies to Warframe emissives! You might have to get creative with your color combinations to make it really pop.
  • Secondary Energy color now applies to Nova’s Wormhole ability.
  • Fixed Secondary Energy color not applying to numerous Melee weapons if the primary Energy color was default.
  • Fixed the Ki’Teer Sekhara being extremely bright after the Secondary Energy color update in 24.6.0.
  • Fixed lens flares not properly applying the Secondary Energy color (noticeable when casting Mesa’s Ballistic Battery/Shooting Gallery).
  • Fixed Clients only seeing primary Energy color on Syandanas.


  • Renamed Hildryn’s Shield Pillage ability to simply Pillage to not overshadow the Armor stripping functionality. Hildryn’s Pillage Arsenal SHIELD DRAIN stat now reads as “DRAIN”.
  • Assassin type enemies (Wolf of Saturn Six, Stalker, Syndicate, etc) no longer choose to appear as you’re extracting
  • Capped multi purchases for Syndicate stores that use currency other than Standing (e.g. Nightwave, Nakak) to what can be afforded with currently owned Resources.
  • Moved spawn location of a Kuva Siphon to prevent the Kuva cloud from getting stuck under staircases in the Corpus Outpost tileset.
  • Limbo’s Banish ability timer will now immediately expire if all Banished enemies are killed before the timer counts down (for real this time).
  • The ‘Wolf Howl’ Emote will now play howling sounds (only audible for the local player).
  • Changed the Korrudo Riven Disposition to 1 (previously 0.5).
  • Over 20 Melee and Primary weapons/Skins have received the PBR treatment! From Candy Cane Scythe to Tigris, our art team has been updating our back catalog!
  • Made Captura and dynamic skies play nicer together! Much of Cetus or Vallis FX were lost in the Captura settings, which should be fixed now!
  • Widened the wall gap for the purpose of Warframe size sliding in the Lua tileset

Tusk Thumper Changes & Fixes:

  • Increased the Tusk Thumper encounter chances and lowered the encounter cooldown from 180-240s to 90-120s.
  • Converted the Tusk Thumper’s Health class from ‘Cloned Flesh’ to a more appropriate ‘Hulking Armor’ class.
  • Fixed cases of extremely high damage breaking Tusk Thumper, making it impossible to destroy, such as the Tusk Thumper remaining alive after destroying it and excess damage from shooting off the armor plates going towards the main Health bar.
  • Fixed Tusk Thumper despawning if it or players moved too far from where it originally spawned.
  • Fixed the Tusk Thumper’s damage reduction not applying to all hit types
  • Fixed a script error that could occur after killing the Thumper, such as Operator Amps.


  • Fixed Corrupted Vor no longer doing his monologue if you had Creator Mode enabled (sometimes without). Look at them, they come to this place…
  • Fixed an issue where abomination Landing Crafts were possible with customization bugs.
  • Fixes towards cases of Arbitration rewards being out of sync on the server.
  • Fixed The Index breaking if a player dies and then disconnects before they respawn.
  • Fixed cases of Caches in the Plains spawning in the ground.
  • Fixed Operator’s initial Void Dash being frequently interrupted by Void Aegis and may require repeats to travel.
  • Fixed your Warframe attempting to “sheathe” the Operator during the Second Dream quest.
  • Fixed Inaros & Nidus being given Shields from ally Shield Ospreys.
  • Fixed Harrow Condemn slamming you to the ground if you are within 8m above it (before slam changes it only prevented cast when in air above 8m).
  • Fixed rare cases of Melee bonuses (Damage, Crit, etc) getting applied to your Sniper.
  • Fixed AI/Companions unable to escape damage zones, such as sewage pits, in the Grineer Shipyards Interception tileset.
  • Fixing Pet Companions being killed in the middle of a jump across a forced-teleport volume becoming unrecoverable, due to Pets being exempt from teleporting.
  • Fixed incorrect Alt Fire reload animation for the Corrinth.
  • Fixed an issue where your Melee weapon could get hidden if you spammed Dodge after a Melee Slam.
  • Fixed Equinox’s Metamorphosis Ability Day/Night stats being flipped in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed the Silver Grove ending diorama overwriting Titania with whatever Warframe you have equipped.
  • Fixed the Oberon Wendigo Skin having incorrect textures when ‘Toggle Prime Parts’ is enabled.
  • Fixed incorrect material meshes on the Corpus Lynx.
  • Fixed Archguns are being sorted both by name and the presence of a Gravimag.
  • Fixed Grineer Tram appearing pitch black in the Grineer Asteroid tileset.
  • Fixed Plains Cave water disappearing upon getting close to it.
  • Fixing a leaking effect on Hildryn’s projectiles which could affect performance.
  • Fixed Dargyns having weirdly high flight paths near the edge of the Plains map.
  • Fixed your Profile screen appearing incorrect if opened in the Nightwave screen.
  • Fixed Sawgaw Codex images appearing as Condrocs.
  • Fixed a script error that would occur after a Host migration during a Bounty.

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