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As we close to the furthest limit of VALORANT Act I, we need to spread out our arrangements for the Competitive involvement with the finish of an Act, and talk about new highlights beginning in Act II.

Right now in our Competitive framework, your rank is intently attached to your aptitude (MMR) and it can go up or down smoothly in the event that you are having a positive or negative day of serious play. We need you to have an exact portrayal of your present expertise in matches. We also want to construct a positioned framework that advances development and commitment over ‘topping’ at a high level, getting on edge about losing it, and stuffing it in the ice chest.

We should discuss our subsequent stages!


The takeaway: After an Act, the only thing that is in any way important for your Act Rank is your 9 best-positioned successes of the demonstration, and how many wins you’ve gotten in the demonstration. So on the off chance that you top at Diamond yet drop down to Gold, your demonstration rank will just recollect the great occasions. Take another run at Immortal, push those lower rank games out!

Let’s break down the details:

  • Your rank will still be a close reflection of your current rating
  • We are now introducing “Act Ranks,” which track your ‘proven skill’ (this is new!), highest ranked win, and # of competitive wins in the Act
  • At the end of the act, your Act Rank will be preserved as a badge on your player card in Competitive Games (and in your career history)
  • Your ‘proven skill’ is your 9th best ranked win of the Act, to demonstrate you can consistently win at that level
  • Your highest ranked win is self-explanatory: It’s the highest ranked win you’ve achieved in the act (right at the top of that triangle)
  • Your Act Rank border is the surrounding border that evolves based on your number of competitive wins in the Act
  • You’ll also be able to review past Act Rank info in your Career Tab


act_2_ranked_article_1.jpgAs you play, your Act Rank loads up with little triangles. Every triangle speaks to your positioned coordinate successes (Gold, Immortal, and so forth.) through the span of an Act dependent on the rank you entered the game with (thus your position for that coordinate).

Wins at higher positions outwardly supplant your most minimal successes to show the best of your Competitive games. For instance, more successes at Radiant will push out your most punctual successes at Bronze (very optimistic!).

The border also changes as you hit these win thresholds: 9, 25, 50, 75, and 100.

Starting in Act II, your friends will be able to inspect your Match History, including both your rank and overall Act Rank progress.


act_2_ranked_article_2.jpgYou can see your advancement toward your Act Rank Badge anytime in the vocation page.

Your Act Rank Badge flaunts your demonstrated aptitude (best positioned coordinate successes) for that Act. This is based on your top nine positioned wins. Keep in mind, you should demonstrate your ability at that position in the event that you need to conclude it as your Act Rank.

For Act I, we’ve chosen to not award an Act Rank Badge since we figure you need to comprehend what you’re getting into before celebrating it with an identification. Once more, for Act II, you’ll have the option to acquire that Act Rank Badge, which memorializes your Act II serious expertise and will show on your player card during Act III Competitive games.

While we generally plan to permit you to see your earlier Act Rank advancement in your Career Tab, your Act Rank Badge will speak to your most recent Act Rank and demonstrated expertise, so different players have a decent sign of how you’ve been playing in the previous two months.


act_2_ranked_article_3.jpgWith each VALORANT Act, we plan to deliver a host of fresh content as well as balance changes. As the game evolves, we want to give both new and returning players an opportunity to jump back in and see how their skills stack up in the new Act.

Here’s what happens at the end of an Act for Competitive:

  • Your prior Act Rank will be saved and locked in your Career tab
    • Act 1 Competitive data will be saved
  • You will be put back into abridged placements.
    • It will take 3 games to display your rank instead of the initial 5
    • These placements are quicker as we will reference your MMR from the prior Act, so we can quickly assess your skill for the current Act.
  • Your rank will be a conservative placement where we are confident you can compete at that skill level—or higher.
    • Typically, your Rank will land a couple of tiers below where you ended the prior Act, but we’ll be increasing how heavily we weigh performance in your early games so you can quickly improve your rank if you play well and win
  • Placement games don’t count toward earning your Act Rank.


We look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback on Competitive and Act Ranks.

As we draw nearer to the furthest limit of Act II, we’ll share another report on our following stages for advancing the Competitive experience. At this moment two or three the first concern zones we are taking a gander at is improving straightforwardness and clearness into your rank changes, along with unraveling some torment focus for high position players. We additionally consistently welcome got notification from all of you different highlights and enhancements you need to see.

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