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Tropico 6 – 31 March 2021 Patch Notes | New Manure Spreader Building!

New Features

  • Added new building “Manure Spreader” (Counters soil degradation for ranches and plantations in the proximity)
  • Ranches can now produce manure for the manure spreader
  • Added new residential building “Flophouse” to provide housing for the poor
    (available in the World War Era)
  • Added 3 new multiplayer maps:
  • Archipiélago Rucio (4-Player)
  • Islas De Goma De Mascar (3-Player)
  • Islas Rocosas (2-Player)



  • Multiplayer games now support autosaves
  • [Caribbean Skies] Once selected, the Cargo Airport now displays all configured routes.
  • [Caribbean Skies] The Cargo Airport now displays a warning when a transportation loop has been configured.



  • Gaining achievements for completed maps has been improved and is more reliable now.
  • Fixed an issue that led to corrupted save games if the player destroyed a pharmaceutical company in the work mode “powerful placebos”.
  • Fixed an issue where banks would not generate the calculated income in the work mode “private banking”.
  • Fixed an issue where the market manipulation raid in the cyber operations center was not working correctly if the player had built a pirate cove as well.
  • Fixed an issue where fish farms would display “fish” as their produced good after loading a save game, even though they were producing “shellfish”.
  • Fixed an issue where destroyed tunnels could not be rebuilt – tunnels can no longer be damaged, but they can still be destroyed.
  • Fixed a misleading rescindable date in the almanac after winning an election.
  • After issuing the Martial Law edict, an incorrect election date was shown in the almanac. The election date has been fixed.
  • Fixed effects of last election speech being applied for subsequent elections when explicitly choosing to hold early elections.
  • Fixed a palace configuration that prevented roads to be built near the palace
  • Fixed roads that could not be demolished in pause mode if built on top of previously demolished buildings.
  • [Multiplayer] Fixed an issue in which players were unable to delete tunnels.
  • [Multiplayer] After relocating buildings within multiplayer sessions, the in-game UI will now stay in its correct position.
  • [Multiplayer] [Caribbean Skies] Fixed an issue where Cargo Airports could be used to steal goods from other players.
  • [Multiplayer] [Caribbean Skies] Fixed an issue where Cargo Airports changed names after loading a save game.
  • [Caribbean Skies] Fixed an issue where the Fertilizer bomb could not be used when the player is in debt.
  • [Caribbean Skies] Fixed several graphical and placement glitches.
  • [Caribbean Skies] Drone to Home Delivery Zeppelins now offer more time to load goods before leaving the station.
  • [Caribbean Skies] Fixed an issue where modernizing ranches set drone routes to inactive.
  • [Caribbean Skies] Fixed an issue where the visual S.P.E.A.K.E.R. progress could be lost.
  • [Caribbean Skies] Mission: Preventing Armageddon: To prevent blockers in the quest “Needle in a Haystack,” players are now asked if they already have a Cyber Operations Center or other building before one gets built.
  • [Caribbean Skies] The quest “Asteroid Defence” can now be replayed, allowing the player to increase the time before the asteroid arrives.
  • Fixed several crashes.
  • Fixed a couple of localization & text display issues.

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