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Top Apple Arcade Games For Children Under 12

As parents, we want only our kids to have access to age-appropriate, entertaining games. With the proliferation of internet gaming, keeping tabs on our children and ensuring they are only exposed to age-appropriate content can be challenging.

With its extensive safety settings for kids and parental control guides, Apple Arcade is a welcome relief. Parents can restrict some functions for them to monitor kids’ activities online. Their child’s access to certain content limits their time online and keeps tabs on their online activities. What is family sharing? Through Family Sharing, up to six family members can share one Apple Arcade subscription. As a result, parents may enjoy the perks of membership without sacrificing control over their children’s gaming habits.

Here, we’ll look at a few of the best Apple Arcade games for kids under 12 that parents can feel good about letting their kids play.

Top Apple Arcade Games for Children

The Apple Arcade is a specialized section of the iPhone app store where guardians can download age-appropriate games for their children. Every year, brand new releases of Apple family sharing plans are released. And there are no advertisements during gameplay. Children as young as three will be able to enjoy most games. Here are some of the best arcade games for kids that you can find right now. It takes little time to become acclimated to the mechanics of each game, and they’re all simple to set up.

Crayola Create and Play+

The Crayola Create and Play+ app is a brilliant and fun way to introduce youngsters to painting, learning, and arcade-style play. Crayola Create, and Play has many fun elements for kids of all ages to enjoy, such as coloring pages, taking care of virtual pets and plants, playing educational and arcade-style games, solving puzzles, and more.

With an Apple Arcade membership, you’ll have access to all Crayola Create and Play offers. The parents’ center in Crayola Create and Play provides information on how the program functions, the types of content it offers, how it may be customized, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Assemble with Care

In Assemble With Care, you assume the role of Maria, a globetrotting antique restorer who finds herself in Bellariva just as the town prepares for its annual food festival. Maria finds customers by distributing posters and making friends with the locals, who then ask her to fix their broken belongings. You will do this virtually, setting faulty parts and ensuring they are correctly installed. It soon becomes clear, however, that Maria is doing more than mending broken objects; she is also mending broken hearts and relationships.

Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker

The adventure game Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker is available only on Apple Arcade. The game’s developer-made and user-made adventures are available for players to experience. They can even make their worlds and show them to other players.

With Wonderbox, you and your friends may embark on online adventures together. However, it’s possible that kids can’t join multiplayer games right now. Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker is a game available on the Apple Arcade for the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac that can be played with a gaming controller on any device.

Fruit Ninja Classic+

Children and adults alike can’t seem to stop playing Fruit Ninja Classic. For a limited time, fruit and bombs appear on the screen in Fruit Ninja, and the goal is to use a swiping motion to chop the fruit while avoiding the bombs.

Now that you can play Fruit Ninja online with your pals you can settle once and for all who has the sharpest knife. With no additional in-app purchases to worry about, this version of Fruit Ninja Classic+ for Apple Arcade is just as much fun as the original.

Dodo Peak

Dodo Peak is a bright and cheerful platformer in which birds must find a safe path to save their eggs.

You must climb mountains for lost infants and reward yourself with coins. Unlocking several stunning islands grants access to various upgrades. The game is controlled by touch, there are offline leaderboards, and progress can be synced between iOS devices.


Keep your children entertained throughout the summer and winter with this collection of arcade games. Every family member is welcome to join the excitement since activities are suitable for all ages. These games are great since they may be enjoyed individually and with others. You will be included in future upgrades because developers always try to offer the most recent versions.

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