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The Biggest GTA 6 LEAKS in 2022 Till Now!

Grand Theft Auto 6 has long been the subject of speculations, but more have surfaced since Rockstar revealed that development on the game was well underway in February 2022. 

The speculations now circulating propose several potential places, eras, geographical sizes, and even potential crime types for the game’s primary focus. It’s a little hard to believe some of the unverified leaks, and it’s also possible that none of the current rumors are accurate. However, previous reliable sources have offered a few options for the new title. Trust me, we search and then merge. Well, it’s a horrible rhyme but funny right?

The most peculiar GTA 6 leaks are the map leaks. There are several ways to create a fake, from severely Photoshopped satellite maps to publishing images of actual map posters. We analyze all of the significant alleged GTA 6 map leaks for you.

GTA 6 World Map

This new game’s codename is Project Americas, according to a Reddit post that has since been removed and a YouTube video that The Know shared. The rumors suggested that the United States and other countries in the Americas might be partially or entirely included on the globe map. Although it is unlikely that the map will be that large, it is still conceivable for gamers to go to several other nations. Even while the size of the globe has generally increased with each main GTA game, the idea of creating entire nations in an open-world setting sounds ridiculous.

First Female Protagonist

Certain leaks have mentioned the potential for numerous protagonists and the likelihood that at least one of them would be a woman. According to the source, the plot of GTA 6 takes place in contemporary Vice City, Career City, Cuba, and Colombia. The information disclosed by Matheusvictorbr also reveals that the protagonists are twins out for vengeance after the cartel killed their father. One of the siblings allegedly works for the cartel while the other collaborates with the authorities to combat them from the outside. Even while there is currently no definite information, the plot does indeed suit the prospective locales.

The fact that Rockstar often develops distinctive main characters for each title is the reason the rumor of a female protagonist is so credible. It would be a first for the franchise to have a playable female character, and it would be reasonable to increase the diversity of the series’ protagonists in this way. It’s likely that the player can choose between the playable characters or that the game will include a single protagonist who can be personalized, similar to Eivor in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Setting be for GTA 6

Although it hasn’t been proven yet, there have been rumors that GTA 6 will take place in Miami or Columbia! The inclusion of two distinct settings in a GTA game would be intriguing and provide players with hours of exploration and content to delve into.

GTA 6 Story

The plot will reportedly begin in South America, where we learn more about the characters’ backgrounds and objectives. The prologue will take set in South America, most likely Brazil, even though the main plot will take place in Vice City and Carcer City.

A set of twins, a boy, and a girl, will be featured in the narrative who become estranged when their parents are killed. The twins will then cross paths again as adults, but this time they are on entirely different sides of the coin. The sibling will have joined the DOA, an agent for the fictitious Drug Enforcement Agency that we are all familiar with from past Grand Theft Auto games, according to the speculations. The sister, on the other side, will have risen through the ranks of the cartel and is now a hitwoman. She is looking for the people who killed their parents.

The first GTA game to deeply explore the cartel/military way of life, according to the leaker, will be this one. Additionally, it appears that the game will include ‘ambitious tech’ that the military will use, as well as destructible buildings. It does sound foreboding, don’t you think?

Let’s take a quick peek at some of the leaks in July:

The release of GTA 6 is scheduled for late 2024. Two main characters, one male and one female as already mentioned earlier in the video. Jason Schreier from Bloomberg, one of the industry’s most dependable insiders, suggested that GTA 6 would feature two primary characters. In response to a suggestion that GTA 6 will have three protagonists, just like its predecessor GTA 5, Schreier reacted on Reddit. It has a chapter structure akin to Red Dead Redemption 2. Vice City and Cuba are the two main regions among several cities. Moreover, there are 97 planned primary missions and 60 hours of gameplay. Modern, advanced AI system Environments that can be destroyed, but not buildings entirely. There are 12 planned radio stations, including the return of FLASH F.M. from the first Vice City. Furthermore, a leak suggested that “The global map has an area of about 103.14 sq/km.”

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