tropico 6 new dlc

Tropico 6 – New ‘Lobbyistico’ DLC available Now

Tropico 6 is allowed to attempt this end of the week for all Steam clients. Collectively adulated by pundits as the best, most alluring despot test system ever, we figured it would profit everybody to partake in its greatness, and we anticipate inviting a large group of skilled new players, with enormous cerebrums, to the shores of the republic. Additionally, Lobbyistico, Tropico 6’s third D...

Tropico 6 – 9.1 Patch Notes | ‘Noches de Arabia’ has been released!

A new update for Tropico 6 is now available for free! This adds many quality-of-life improvements plus, a completely new language (Arabic) to the game. It also fixes many bugs in both the main game and DLC. Check below for further details: Improvements Arabic language support added. [Multiplayer] Palace customization now visible in multiplayer. Bug fixes Fixed an issue where guerrilla attacks coul...

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