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SMITE – Season 6 | The Olympians Patch Notes

The Olympians took community feedback and encouraged the devs to act on it for all of the following changes. Olympians did not contribute to 100% of the design for these things, but they helped the team understand the community importance, and they helped by giving feedback on prototypes for all of these changes.

  • Adjusted Persephone’s Harvest plants materials to make distinguishing friendly and enemy Harvest plants more clear in the Odyssey Underworld Update.
  • The Olympians  discussed Freya’s revert in the RWBY Update at length with the Design team and helped nail down the balance state to return Freya’s original abilities.
  • A bug fix was made which caused all player-made walls to be destroyed by structures. This change was reverted in the RWBY Update.
  • Jade Emperor’s Crown Nerf in The Vigilant Update
  • Camazotz Buff in The Vigilant Update
  • Kukulkan nerf in The Vigilant Update
  • Set Nerf in The Vigilant Update
  • The Olympians discussed and gave feedback on the proposed Magical Penetration Item changes in the Season 7 Update


  • The Olympians reviewed initial concepts for the Isis Visual Update, and gave feedback on the visual direction to the Art team.
  • The Olympians also made pitches for skins for many gods, which were added to internal backlogs
  • Past Adventures returned in a rotation as a part of the Odyssey: Underworld
  • Added 39 skins to the Awesome Chest in the Season 7 Update

Project Olympus Quality of Life Updates

  • Added New Direct Purchase Options for Skins. Chest skins are now also available for 1200 Gems on release for a limited time. We added a new “Deals” section to the store where a rotation of past Exclusive skins are available for Direct Purchase.
  • Added a Streamer Mode
  • Added a Redeem Codes option to the Escape menu to make it easier to redeem loot
  • Added a What’s New Screen that shows an overview of each Update when it is released that also includes a link Patch Notes in the client.
  • Made several updates to the NPE, including improvements to the Tutorial art and Account creation UI.
  • Ranked Early Surrender Improvements – When a team chooses to Surrender early that match will not count for or against any players MMR on either team.
  • Data Driven Auto Buy – We implemented new functionality for the Popular and Recommended Items screens. A new algorithm determines the items that show in those sections.
    • This algorithm uses data for each god in Conquest only in victorious, high MMR matches.
  • Implemented several Player Behavior Updates in the Goddess of Rivers Update including Shadowbanning, Chat Gag, and Updating the “Bad Word filter list”
  • Added a Team Composition Helper to the Match lobby – Additional text in lobby will now show up in the lobby to suggest things like: Team has too much or not enough of a damage type (magical, physical), Team is missing a guardian, etc
  • Added Keyboard and Mouse Support for Xbox One and PS4
  • Added Full Controller support for PC
  • Reverted the change to the Daily Login rewards system. Daily Logins will now be automatically claimed when players first arrive at the home screen. – Coming in the Season 7 Update
  • Engineering changes have been made to our build process (how the game and its updates are packaged for distribution to players) to improve the installing, storing, and loading of game files. – Coming in the Season 7 Update
    • These changes will decrease, Overall install size on PC, Loading times, and Update Sizes
  • Surrender Rules Updates – In 5-player modes (where no players are disconnected), 1 or more players not voting will decrease the required surrender needed count by 1. – Coming in the Season 7 Update
  • Added new minimap icons to depict Oni buffed minions and Fire minions – Coming in the Season 7 Update
  • Made changes to the SMITE Battle Pass to make it easier to complete. – Coming in the Season 7 Update


  • Started a brand new revenue share program with XSolla where partnered content creators can earn money via Gem purchases made with their link
  • Created the E-Couples Match of the Day
  • Weekly Community spotlight posts are now made from the official SMITE social handle to highlight content creators
  • Created a new acquisition screen to make unlocking content feel more impactful
  • The Olympians have helped us combat toxicity with detailed harassment reports
  • Better visibility of esports in game, as well as SPL match voting will return in Season 7
Requested Features

*Note the following features have been proposed by The Olympians, but are not currently scheduled. The Titan Forge Games team is heavily considering these features for future Updates.

  • More Rewards for getting God to Diamond Mastery: EX: Skin for getting X amount of Gods Diamond, Player titles, etc.
  • Increasing the time between Quadra Kill and Penta Kill accolades
  • Longer lobby time in random pick modes to allow more time for trading/re-rolls
  • The Titan Forge team is exploring the idea of more crossover content events with third parties companies(Ex: RWBY Battle Pass)

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