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RuneScape – Patch Notes 13.08.2018

Skillcape Perks

  • Fixed an issue with the Dungeoneering boss selection ignoring level requirements.
  • Teleporting to the Glacor Cavern via the Master Quest Cape will now apply the Stone of Jas boost.
  • The hooded Max cape will now show activatable perks when worn.
  • The Master Quest Cape will no longer be disabled from your keepsake after logging back in.
  • It is no longer possible to detach a Dungoneering hood from it’s skillcape within a dungeon.
  • Hooded dungeoneering capes will no longer be removed when leaving a dungeon.


  • Ironmen are now informed why they cannot open Umbral chests if they’re unexpectedly obtained.
  • You will no longer be able to infinitely stall adrenaline by using a spell that you do not meet that requirements for.
  • Fixed a typo stating that new unlocks in the Skill Guide said above instead of below.
  • Players with certain construction level will no longer disconnect when attempting to enter a Player Owned House in free-to-play worlds.
  • PoH kitchen beer barrels no longer fill beer glasses on F2P worlds, to prevent access to members-only objects. To prevent access to members-only objects, the PoH kitchen shelves and larder can no longer provide objects on F2P worlds.
  • Sawmill operator once again sells construction supplies.
  • Void Knights Commendations can now be traded for XP again.
  • The incorrect end date of the Hellion Aura has been adjusted and is now available again for Gold Premier members.
  • The Kuroryu pet quick chat now displays as originally intended.

Hotfixes Last Week

  • Players can once again consistently hit the XP reward milestone in a low-tiered Clan Citadel.



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