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RuneScape – 24 August 2020 Patch Notes


The dust might might be starting to settle on RuneScape’s newest skill, but there’s still some divine work to be done!

  • When completely filling an empty divine charge using the Divine-O-Matic Vacuum, excess energy will now flow into the next empty divine charge, instead of being wasted.
  • Players using an uncharged Divine-O-Matic Vacuum with an active Divine Conversion relic power will now receive the correct amount of energy when converting memories at an energy rift.
  • Additional messaging has been added when completing Art Critic Jacques’ collections to indicate that replica pieces of art can be displayed in the Guild Office.
  • Some Archaeology materials have been added to Archaeology Research and Tetracompass loot tables for better distribution.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Ruthless’ perk was remaining on the Buff Bar after being cleared.


The rest of this week’s improvements span the length and breadth of Gielinor. Read on to find out more!

  • Arc berry bushes will now give 5% Farming reputation when harvested, in line with other bushes.
  • Replaced outdated spell icons in the Magic skillguide with the up to date ones found in the Magic ability book.
  • Updated spell names in the Magic Skill Guide to match the Magic Spell Book.
  • Players will no longer continue the mining animation indefinitely when mining the ancient rock in the ‘Mountain Daughter’ quest.
  • The alphabetical order of the Music Player tracklist has been updated.
  • The examine text for ice arrow now reads “An ice arrow”.
  • The tooltip for the Tirannwn Hard Task Rewards on the Achievement interface now mentions the Mushroom Patch teleport.
  • Blue and green blubber jellyfish have been added to the “I’m cooking…” options in the Quick Chat menu.
  • Crystal has now been added to the “I’m using a hatchet made of…” option in the Quick Chat menu.
  • Updated the information for ‘Mace Invaders’ on the Achievement path.
  • A colon has now been added to the hover text when mousing over Reaper Points.
  • Misleading info that Max Capes could be taken into Daemonheim has been removed for the Dungeoneering Perk.
  • The POH kalphite soldier model has been updated.
  • Telegrabbing on monster death will no longer cause the Spring Cleaner to malfunction.
  • Added a new marker to direct players to Lumbridge Castle kitchen.
  • Added a tutorial for legendary pets.
  • Players no longer require level 75 Ranged to unlock the Mechanised Chinchompa blueprint, as this requirement is not necessary to produce the item.
  • Removed a reference to ‘virtual levels’ upon levelling up in skills that reach level 120 without virtual levels.
  • An A/B test for 50% of self-selected new players has ended. All players that choose “I have never played before” will once again start on Tutorial Island. Note that players can skip the tutorial in the Settings menu or bypass sections of Tutorial Island with chapter exits.
  • On Mobile:
      • The Buff and Debuff Bars have been relocated from the top of the interface layout to the bottom, above the Combat HUD. They have also been made marginally smaller.
      • The ‘Extra Action’ button (currently used for the Solak encounter) has been repositioned to sit above the combat HUD. It will now move to account for the toggling of combat mode action bars.
    • The Ribbon Settings/Setup UI has been moved and tied to the game’s main Settings interface as its own tab (users can still access the interface from the existing button located on the Custom Ribbon itself).



Fixes, get yer fixes here!

  • Hotfixed: Repairing uncharged augmented T92 equipment with repair patches will now correctly repair them to a charged state the first time.
  • The Equuis Archer helm no longer returns any script errors and will now load properly.
  • Corrected multiple spelling errors in the ‘Broken Home’ quest and Quest Rewards screen.
  • Grammatical issues in the Castle Wars manual have been resolved.
  • Fixed an animation issue when reading through The Covenant of Perpetual Conflict.
  • Corrected grammatical and spelling issues in the Rewards text for ‘Fate of the Gods’.
  • Corrected a typo in buyers’ dialogue at the Player Owned Farm.
  • Corrected a typo in the ‘Love Story’ Quest Log.
  • The ‘One Foot in the Grave’ miniquest is no longer shown as complete after handing the body parts to Zavistic Rarve.
  • Corrected the start point information for ‘Dealing with Scabaras’.
  • A full stop has been added to the end of the examine text for coconut milk.
  • Fixed multiple typos in The Big Book of Bangs.
  • Tackled a rogue apostrophe in the examine text for the young Goebie at the entrance to Otot.
  • Tips for the frog Slayer task are now correct.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the ‘Kookookachat’ achievement from triggering on free-to-play worlds.
  • Attempting to decant an Ogre Flask (thermal) into a potion flask will no longer force a log-out.
  • Fixed a typo in Miner’s Journal #2.
  • Fixed an issue where text was being cut off in the opening cutscene of ‘Desperate Times’.
  • Corrected a desyncronisation error that could occur between Daily Challenges and their titles when linked from the Featured tab.
  • Fixed an issue where inspecting another player with specific achievements would cause them to disconnect.
  • The quest marker for ‘Another Slice of H.A.M.’ now leads a player to Ambassador Alvijar’s actual location.
  • The message received when creating a 4-dose potion no longer states that it is a 3-dose potion.
  • Powerburst potions are no longer dropped to the floor when the Wasteless Herblore ability triggers.
  • Players can no longer kill the shapeshifter at the end of the ‘Witch’s House’ quest more than once.
  • Using a Blessed Flask on various items now works as expected.
  • The Player Owned House Build Mode checkbox now consistently reflects the Build Mode’s actual status.
  • The Twin Furies no longer display their health value on their individual health bars.
  • The Dragon Breath ability will now animate correctly even when the Asphyxiate animation is appearing.
  • The bell in Citharede Abbey no longer disappears after the cutscene with Sister Anna.
  • Audio will no longer cut out after changing draw distance.
  • Augmenting masterwork armour now correctly states which version of the armour you have augmented.
  • The Examine popup now appears in the correct location when the Game View Window is set to small.
  • There is now an Inventory space check for the Moonlight Mead gift at the end of the ‘Curse of the Black Stone’ quest.
  • The requirements to make a Revenant Bane two-handed sword via the Make-x interface are now checked properly.
  • Added a fade transition to hide the player model when upgrading buildings in a Player Owned Port.
  • Fixed an issue where the leaf trap east of the northernmost Hunter training area in Tirannwn could sometimes send you back west while jumping east across it.
  • Fixed an issue which resulted in Entity Highlights being enabled on log-in, despite being disabled in the previous log-in.
  • Fixed an issue where the Quick Prayers would not update correctly after long pressing the Prayer Globe.


Whew – this was a long post this week!

The sun might be setting on this newspost, but the shadows seem to be gathering around the next one. Who knows, maybe we’ll see our favourite mysterious figures returning soon!

Find out next week!


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