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RuneScape – 20.05.2019 Patch Notes

The Loot Inside


  • The Digsite has had a graphical refresh!
  • The globetrotter outfit now teleports you directly to a certain underground clue if you have completed Dig Site quest, not just to the winch.
  • The player character will no longer sink into the ground around the site.
  • The winches on the surface now properly match up with the relative positions of the caves below.
  • There is now a tool cupboard in the exam centre to replace any tools students or workmen might have misplaced.



  • Examining other players now correctly highlights their boosted/nerfed skill levels, rather than highlighted those of yours that are currently affected.
  • Can no longer use Ring of Coins in the wilderness.
  • Items that are non-alchemisable will no longer display a high alch price when being examined.
  • Stopped crafting robust glass from defaulting to potion flask when trying to craft Ogre flasks
  • Reduced the frequency of Ripper Demons special attack slightly.
  • Uncharged augmented chargebows will no longer bypass their damage cap when using arrows with an effect.
  • There is now an interact option when using the summoning medallion for Revenant pets.
  • Revenant Pets will now display a kill count when examined.
  • Converted any noted items placed in the bank to their un-noted version.
  • Both God Wars Dungeon 2 and Elite Dungeon bosses now award more Reaper points and Slayer XP when killed in challenge/hard mode.
  • Changed the examine information for the Hellhound Revenant pet, to better reflect the pet’s origin.
  • Revenant vampyre pets no longer sometimes cease to follow you. Revenant hobgoblin and ork pets will now be dismissed properly.
  • The prestige counter for Revenants will now correctly show the amount of prestige players have with Revenant kills.
  • Trimmed Masterwork Armour will now appropriately upgrade alongside its current degrade percentage when being custom-fit by Elof
  • Various broadcast messages no longer incorrectly link to Twitch or Youtube.
  • The Elite Woodcutting Outfit has been added to the portable trader’s store.
  • Players can now open the RS Wiki in your web browser by typing “/wiki” in chat.
  • You can visit specific pages, or do a search on the RS Wiki by typing “/wiki [searchterm]”
  • For example, to reach the page for our latest quest Desperate Times;
  • Challenge Mystery bags will now award the respective skill’s resources when a daily challenge is completed by an Ironman.
  •  When trying to access McGrubor’s Wood, a message will now appear in the chat bar suggesting you should look around for another way in.



  • The Digsite quest has been improved!
  • Hint boxes have been added to the quest.
  • Digging spots can now just be clicked on (no more “Use tool on soil” with a tiny click zone).
  • All hand-ins are now handled via left click interactions (no need to “Use item on NPC”, though these still work).
  • The role of the curator has been replaced with a new NPC – Seth Minas – to keep students on-site throughout the quest.
  • Cups of tea will now spawn in one of the new buildings in this area.
  • Groundskeeping work means that there are now fewer bushes to search for lost objects.
  • You can now carry multiple panning trays and fill them all up before having to check them.
  • If you try to pan with only full panning trays in your inventory, you will automatically check and empty one of your full panning trays first.
  • Pickpocketing is now the default option (for members) on Varrock Dig Site workmen.
  • The components of the chemical compound used in the quest can now all be found in the caves to better make use of this area.
  • Ammonium nitrate and nitroglycerine are now identified on pickup, and do not have to be taken to archaeological expert Terry Balando (though he is still able to identify any unidentified items you might still have lying around).
  • Leather boots and gloves are no longer required to dig at archaeological grids. You will still need the relevant qualification and tools.
  • Examiners will now provide the appropriate tools for each qualification, in an attempt to reduce theft on-site.
  • The Dig Site quest journal has been updated to reflect the changes made to the area.



  • The Needle Skips quest has also been improved!
  • During The Needle Skips, keywords will now be coloured in the chatbox:
  • Red if the keyword is not valid.
  • Light green if the keyword is valid and has been newly discovered.
  • Dark green if the keyword is valid but has previously been discovered.
  • During The Needle Skips, if a new keyword has been discovered, the subchapter it belongs to will flash around the portrait.
  • During The Needle Skips, if you guess a correct keyword, the list will update immediately, allowing you to see if it belongs to the section you are currently viewing.
  • When searching for keywords in The Needle Skips, the search box will re-highlight if you guessed an incorrect word, saving you a click.
  • After uncovering a memory, the keyword interface will reopen with the search box highlighted.
  • During The Needle Skips, if you click on the search box within the keywords interface and close it, the search box will be re-highlighted once the interface is reopened.
  • During The Needle Skips, if the replay button is clicked in the keywords interface, the search box will be automatically highlighted.
  • During The Needle Skips, guessing a keyword will bring up 1 of 3 messages:
  • You have already discovered the word [keyword].
  • The word [keyword] doesn’t reveal anything.
  • You have discovered the word [keyword].
  • When replaying chapters of The Needle Skips, players now have the option to leave the instance by selecting the ‘Return to normal time’ option.



  • A cutscene during the Desperate Times quest was incorrectly altering the players Sliske’s Endgame quest progress. This has now been fixed.
  • Players that have been affected by this should now find themselves in a state as close to previous as possible. Players may find they have to repeat parts of the quest that they already had previously.
  • Players that had already completed the quest will now find themselves at the start of the boss fight on a non canon quest play through.
  • Corrected the required items for the Desperate Times quest from runite bars, to rune bars in the quest journal and quest dialogue.


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