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RuneScape – 03.06.2019 Patch Notes

As a note anything with this  next to it = Ninja Fix!


  • You will no longer see a stockpiled message if your chest hits the item limit when 2 more items fill it.
  • Quickchat message for Sack of effigies and Backstab cape has been corrected.
  • You can no longer attune to the Avatar Control Stone in another clans citadel.
  • The Assassin during The Temple at Senntisten quest has been relocated next to the correct winch.
  • An issue with an additional Legacy TLI action bar appearing when opening the world map has been fixed.
  • Monster Examine will now give XP and play an animation each time it is casted.
  • Robust glass once again defaults to crafting potion flasks instead of ogre flasks.
  • Added a toggle for the colour overlay when skills are boosted or drained on the skills tab.
  • Allowed the buff bar to display values of zero per cent.
  • Improved the messaging on Wilderness slayer task streaks to denote when you’ll start earning slayer points.
  • The bank cleanup filter will now display items that can be stored in the quest storage chest.
  • It’s now possible to set the distance of your currently equipped weapon as the maximum target distance.
  • Boss loot interfaces have been centralised to maintain consistency.
  • Players now have a significantly improved chance of obtaining the slayer skill pet from squishing scarabs in Menaphos.
  • The message to say if a drop inside an Elite Dungeon was doubled is no longer filtered.
  • Having clean marrentill and harralander potion (unf) in your inventory will now default to Guthix rest (3) in the make X screen when you mix them together.
  • The ‘Don’t ask me again’ option for Kuradels special slayer challenge now correctly checks the appropriate variable when cycling through getting slayer tasks. Off means off now.
  • Players can now use protean logs on the odd old mans fire to aid polishing bones.
  • Stopped buckets from being removed when making chocolate or strawberry cream cheese.
  • Clicking the make option on a vial of Coconut milk will now default to make weapon poison rather than more coconut milk. Effectively, you can now put the lime in the coconut.
  • Fixed an issue in Rum deal where having an extra bucket of stagnant water would not allow the player to deposit the fever spider body in the hopper.
  • Fixed an issue with PoF tutorial where some NPC names were incorrect and chatheads were missing.
  • Removed the members only tag from sinew in the Cooking skillguide.
  • Added the ability to buy the Barbarian assault reward “Gamble points” 10 and 5 times for both high and low items.


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