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Risk of Rain 2 – APRIL 2019 UPDATE !

It has been nearly 1 month since the launch Risk of Rain 2 in Early Access, and We think developers can safely say it has been a crazy time for them. They have lots of exciting news that they will be sharing. Here are the details;

===**Major Points**===

  • Content Roadmap – players understandably wanted to know the cadence and size of content updates throughout Early Access, and we hope the “forecast” image matches those wants. We will provide details about specific updates as we get closer to their respective release.
  • Official Localization – it has been inspiring to see community localization efforts and a playerbase around the world, so we’re working on adding official localization in the next patch
  • Gilded Coast is unclear and unrewarding to most players.
  • Game stutters when picking up items for the first time.
  • Some players are still being affected by save file corruption, especially if the game shuts down unexpectedly via crash or power issues.
  • Noting some players having trouble readying up in multiplayer and private games.
  • Noting sometimes settings are reset after closing and relaunching the game.

===**Minor Points**===

  • The changes made to blazing affixed monsters seem to be positive and feel more balanced.
  • The changes made to freezing affixes are welcome – a good sign!
  • Some users are still getting really low performance, while some are not.
  • Noting the Mercenary sometimes launches Greater Wisps / Brass Contraptions into space.
  • Noting players want the number of Stages Complete displayed on the HUD.
  • Noting general feedback about drone / TC-280 AI needing to be improved.
  • Noting players want to include the Engineer turret damage into the end report screen.
  • The game should ideally keep the difficulty that was chosen in the character select for the next run.
  • Noting player thoughts about specific white items (APR Rounds, Medkit, etc) feeling weak. Will have to make sure the game isn’t slowly power creeped by continually buffing underperforming items.
  • Specific controller setups are missing glyphs.

===**Stuff we are working on**===

  • Our first content update!
  • Official Language support for French, German, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.
  • Updating the Director to make sure monsters don’t stop spawning late into the game.
  • Preventing monsters and bosses from spawning behind closed gates on certain stages.
  • Pinging issues.
  • Gesture of the Drowned firing equipment every frame.
  • Wake of Vultures granting weird overshields.

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