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Realm Royale – Starter Pack is Available Now !

Introducing a brand new bundle to Realm Royale: The Starter Pack! This bundle, available at a low price, can be found in the in-game Shop and includes:

  • Majestic Peabok Chicken
  • Cap’n Wissles Emote
  • 800 Crowns

Give your Chicken some elegant flair and leave your foes in awe with the Majestic Peabok Chicken. Next, imitate your favorite Zeppelin captain with the Cap’n Wissles Emote; groove along to a whistling tune even after you’ve dove into the Realm! Finally, use your 800 Crowns to purchase awesome new cosmetics like the Ride the Wave Emote from the in-game Shop! Keep an eye on our weekly Shop updates for new content.

The Starter Pack will be available for a limited time, so don’t miss this opportunity to get some awesome cosmetics and Crowns for a low price. Realm Royale is a free to play class-based battle royale: Dive in, mount up, and claim the Crown Royale today!

You can buy from Steam by CLICK HERE

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