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PUBG Battlegrounds

PUBG Battlegrounds

PUBG – 10.1 Patch Notes | NEW MAP & Season 10 !

New Map: Haven

Welcome to Haven, an industrial island in the rust belt of America.

Here, players will take each other on in the dense, urban streets and rooftops but this haven is anything but safe. Players will be faced with a new threat during their matches, an enemy faction working against them. This faction, named Pillar, is heavily armed and is none too happy about you being on their turf. You’ll have to avoid the Pillar Scout Helicopter attempting to track and spot survivors from the sky. Those unlucky enough to be caught by its spotlight will need to move quickly to avoid the Pillar Tactical Truck as it closes in and attempts to quickly eliminate its target with bullets and fire. Finally, players will have to deal with Pillar Guards and Commanders. These soldiers are heavily armored, but those who manage to take them down can find powerful gear in the caches they guard.

Haven is a dense, 1×1 urban map and supports up to 32 players at a time in Duos or 1-Man Duos.

The Districts of Haven

Carbon Steelworks
At the center of Haven, we find a massive mill- the Carbon Steelworks Complex. Explore it’s fiery depths to secure precious loot, or use your parkour skills to explore the rooftop! This location offers gunplay at all ranges, but be sure to check those dark corners!

Coal Yards
An industrial wasteland: traverse material piles, climb cranes, and make sure you aren’t too noticeable under the florescent lights. The Coal Yards are a sniper’s paradise!

Industrial Zone
To the North, players will explore the Industrial Zone. Comprised of factories, chemical manufacturers, and storage facilities, players must navigate long-range encounters in the field, and brutal closed quarter combat indoors.

Residential Zone
Explore the heart of Haven- the Residential Zone. Fight to the very top of our high-rise apartments, and use the tactical parachute to float down to the crowded streets below, and be careful- the Pillar Tactical patrols Main Street!

Running through the center of Haven, the Overpass serves 2 functions. If you go under- you are shielded from the Scout Helicopter, but will encounter other players. If over- you are most likely alone, but a sitting target for the Scout! Choose wisely!

To the West, the well-lit docks provide generous cover, and traversal opportunities for players to take advantage of! And players who don’t mind a high risk/reward gameplay can use the old barges as a shortcut!

Seasonal Match

Haven is a Seasonal Map only available for the duration of Season 10.

  • Haven is only available during Season 10.
  • TPP & FPP.
  • 32 players each match.
    • Normal match bots are not participating.
  • Duo Mode only, including 1-Man Duo.
  • Match length is shorter than other maps. You’ll earn around 70% of the BP compared to a full-length match on another map.
  • You can work towards Mastery, Survivor Pass and BattleStat progress in Haven but your stats aren’t recorded in the Career tab.

The following are all the available modes from the Season 10 Seasonal Match.


  • FPP: Duo
  • TPP: Duo


  • TPP: Duo


  • TPP: Duo


  • TPP: Duo


  • TPP: Duo

Pillar Guards and Commanders

Beware of the Pillar, an enemy faction offering an entirely new gameplay element not seen in existing Battlegrounds. Guards and Commanders are distinct looking opposition which protect certain areas of the map, working as an additional factor you have to contend with while fighting against other players to claim the Chicken Dinner.

  • Members of Pillar guard their respective areas and attack players on sight.
  • Pillar Guards hold basic equipment while Pillar Commanders hold top-tier equipment.
  • Once attacked, they send backup requests to Pillar Scout Helicopters which can then in turn alert the Pillar Tactical.
  • Spawn only in Haven.

Pillar Supply Cache

  • The Pillar Supply Cache replaces care packages, and require cache keys to be looted.
  • Players can gain cache keys from Commanders once they are defeated.
  • Once the cache is opened, all players can approach the cache and loot it.
  • Spawns only in Haven.

Pillar Scout Helicopter

  • This helicopter roams the skies of Haven, detecting players hiding in open spaces.
  • A spotlight is shone directly on detected players and their position is relayed directly to Pillar Tactical. Pillar Tactical that has received the information follow the Pillar Scout Helicopter’s spotlight and attack enemies nearby.
  • Spawns only in Haven.

Pillar Tactical

  • This scary piece of equipment roams around Haven and attacks players on sight. The Pillar Tactical cannot be destroyed, so if you run into one, don’t try to fight it – just run away! This big beast even shoots firebombs to attack players hiding behind cover in front of it.
  • Pillar Tactical communicates with other Pillars, responding to calls for backup and joining in on engagements.
  • Spawns only in Haven.

Emergency Parachute

  • Emergency Parachutes can be found around Haven and used to quickly descend from high places and prevent fall damage. Don’t forget to deploy the parachute when making that daring rooftop escape, because they won’t deploy by themselves.
  • This is a single-use item which fills the belt slot of your inventory.
  • Spawns only in Haven.

Survivor Pass Season 10: Breakthrough

Survivor Pass: Breakthrough has all the gear you need to take on the mean streets of Haven. Featuring cool new looks based on lore characters and even the new enemy faction, you’ll have plenty of great rewards to unlock as you fight your way through all 100 levels of the pass. Breakthrough lasts about 3 months, so get started early and claim all your awesome new rewards!

  • Survivor Pass: Breakthrough begins December 17, 2020 upon completion of live server maintenance.
    • The pass ends on April 1 and you’ll have until maintenance on April 8 to claim any pass rewards.
  • Kill missions will only be completed when you get a kill during a match, not assists.
  • Accumulated kills or assists achieved during match will be reflected in the kill or assist missions.

Mission Types

  • Survivor Pass: Breakthrough provides the following types of missions:
    • Daily missions
    • Weekly missions
    • Season missions: There are two types of Season missions for different weapon types.
      • SR missions
      • SG missions
    • Challenge missions: These missions can be completed by exploring every corner of the map.

Ranked Season 10

Welcome to another new season of Ranked.

Season 9 Ranked rewards will be delivered upon login. For details on these rewards, please refer to the End of Season 9 Ranked and Rewards Announcement.

  • As usual, players will need to complete five placement matches at the start of the new season.
    • Players will receive an initial rank for the season upon completion of their placement matches.
    • Performance in these placement matches, as well as the final rank in the previous season, will be used to determine an initial rank at the end of placements.
  • The Season 9 Leaderboards will be finalized.
    • Following the Live Server maintenance, the Season 9 leaderboards will be updated to the final version.

Ranked Mode Updates

  • The method used to calculate RP changes for Ranked matches has been reworked to improve the player experience and reduce fatigue.
    • The overall pace of gaining/losing RP has been greatly increased to reduce unnecessary grind and based on performance compared to the player’s current Rank.
    • Players should now be able to more accurately predict how many games they would need to win or lose in a row in order to reach a given Rank.
  • Additional Team Kill Penalties
    • Team killing in ranked will now also result in a matchmaking delay penalty.
  • Added Erangel Ferry
    • The Erangel Ferry currently in Normal matches will be added to Ranked and Esports modes.

Ranked Season 10 Rewards

  • The following rewards will be available based on the players’ rank at the end of Ranked Season 10.
    • Emblems
    • Season 10 Ranked Mirado
    • Season 10 Ranked Parachute

Matchmaking changes

PUBG provides several game modes with two perspectives, this means there are lots of queues which need to be filled with players. Unfortunately, this can cause players to be spread too thin in some regions and cause lengthy matchmaking times and an otherwise poor experience.

Since the induction of Solo Ranked mode, we’ve been heavily monitoring the health of Ranked matchmaking queues specifically in each region and have decided to make some changes which we believe will have a positive impact on the overall health of Ranked long-term. We completely understand the removal of a queue you play can be very frustrating and we apologize if that is the case for you.

We’re continuingly looking at ways to improve your Ranked experience and we’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions.


  • Random Map Selection
  • FPP: Solo/Duo/Squad
    TPP: Solo/Duo/Squad, Ranked Solo/Squad


  • Random Map Selection
  • FPP: Squad
    TPP: Solo/Duo/Squad, Ranked Squad


  • Random Map Selection
  • TPP: Solo/Duo/Squad, Ranked Squad


  • Random Map Selection
  • TPP: Solo/Duo/Squad, Ranked Squad


  • Random Map Selection
  • TPP: Solo/Duo/Squad, Ranked Squad


Spectate your Victory Pose in FPP

  • You can now switch to TPP after winning an FPP match to better celebrate your win.
  • Before, it was difficult to see your victory pose and awesome skins when winning a game in FPP.
  • Now, after winning a game in FPP, use the Toggle Perspective button to switch to TPP and celebrate your victory.

Boost Heal Animation Enhancements

  • To better visualize the effects of boosts, the Heal icon animation speed now changes between 4-speed intervals based on your boost level.
  • A quick reminder of the 4 boost levels and their effects:
    • Level 1: Heal 1 HP every 8 seconds
    • Level 2: Heal 2 HP every 8 seconds
    • Level 3: Heal 3 HP every 8 seconds and adds a 2,5% character speed boost
    • Level 4: Heal 4 HP every 8 seconds and adds a 5% character speed boost

Mastery Medals

New Mastery medals are now available.

Previous weapon mastery medals were less fulfilling and difficult to show off to other players.
We would like to revamp the mastery medals to make them more fulfilling and more honourable.

You can earn Mastery medals when meeting specific conditions during games, so put on your try-hard pants and rack up some achievements!

  • View Mastery medals in Career – Medals.
  • There are Combat, Survival, and Commemoration medals.
  • 15 medals are available to earn.
  • Earned Mastery Medals can be upgraded to a new look after fulfilling specific conditions.
  • You can only earn medals in Normal and Ranked matches.
    • There are medals you can continue to earn in a single match by meeting the conditions and medals you can only earn once per match.
  • The Match Results screen has been updated to include medals earned by you and your teammates.
  • Existing Weapon Mastery medals will be removed and their details will also be deleted from the match results.

Emotes In The Lobby

  • Players can now use Emotes in the out-game lobby to show off to their friends.
  • Open the emote wheel with the assigned hotkey, or Emote shortcut. The selected emote plays until the wheel disappears.
    • You can cancel the activated Emote by pressing B (Xbox/Stadia) or X (PS).
  • Available in lobbies for Normal and Training Mode. Not available in Ranked.

Customize – Costume Preset

Introducing the Costume Preset feature. Dress up for the map you are playing before jumping into the match!

  • Save character skin presets in the Lobby – Customize menu.
  • Players can use up to 5 preset slots.
  • 1 free with 4 available from Survival Pass rewards or bought from the Store.
  • Players can trigger Costume Preset while on the starting island before a game starts
    • Once a game starts, costume preset is blocked.
  • After getting into a match, players can select a preset by opening the inventory and choosing a preset slot at the bottom.
    • You may not see the visual change immediately, but don’t worry – it’ll be ready when the match starts.


  • Skin Preview Improvements
    • Added more functionality to wear/take off skins during previews.
  • Made changes to more easily identify BP and G-Coin icons from each other.
  • Customize menu has been improved.
    • Changed the background for the Customize menu.
    • Added a tool tip for Emote tab.
    • Added Motor Glider and Aquarail filters to Customize – Vehicle – Others menu.
  • Improved functionality to skip intro videos upon launch.
    • Players are prompted to hold a button to skip the intro after pressing any key while the video is playing.
  • Improved the visual consistency of certain tabs.
  • Custom Match waiting room UI improvements have been made.

QoL Improvements

System Menu Improvement

Opening the System Menu while in-game now shows much more information.

  • Normal Matches
    • Along with the existing system menu, team list, voice chat settings and Survivor Pass mission list are shown.
    • In Solo mode, only the mission list is displayed.
  • Ranked Mode
    • Along with the existing system menu, team list, their Kill/Assist and voice chat settings, and Survivor Pass mission list are shown.
      • Teammates’ Kill/Assist are displayed in Ranked Mode only.
  • Arcade – TDM
    • Up to 10 team members and their voice chat settings are shown along with the Survivor Pass mission list.
  • Custom Matches
    • You can view a list of up to 10 teammates.
  • The previous Team Management menu was removed, as you can now view the information immediately in the System Menu.

On-Screen Key Guide Improvement

  • Added an option to display more advanced key commands, rather than only covering the basics.
  • In Settings – Gameplay – Onscreen Key Guide, players can choose between the basic Key Guide and advanced Key Guide.
    • Basic – Display basic key commands for novice players who are new to FPS games, including PUBG.
    • Advanced – Display advanced key commands for players who have played FPS but are not familiar with PUBG.


  • The time you can hold your breath has increased by 150% while you Aim/ADS.
    • We know it can be difficult aiming with an analog stick. This change will give you more time to aim, track and spray more accurately when using a scope on SRs and DMRs.
      • We will continue to work on improving the balance of the analog stick controls.
  • Reload (Hold) time has been reduced to 0.3 seconds from the previous 0.5.
    • We expect the quicker reload time to improve the overall gameplay experience.

Item Spawn

  • Items will be spaced further apart when they are spawned on the map.
    • This will reduce the number of unwanted items that are accidentally looted with this update.

Key Binding

  • To exit the match, you will have to (Hold) to exit from the previous (Press).
  • Reticle type, brightness and reticle reset function actions have moved to the Settings options.

New Settings Option

  • Added new options that replace the Reticle type/brightness/reset function in the in-game key binding. You can find it under SETTINGS → GAMEPLAY.
  • Your reticle type/brightness values will be reflected in-game and any changes you make will be applied instantly.


  • UI sounds in the lobby have been improved.


  • We’ve heard your feedback and have made changes to Sanhok’s weather, reducing overall brightness and re-balancing the color pallet alongside improving interiors.

Team Deathmatch

  • This new feature allows you to customize spawn kits in Team Deathmatch.
    • Each weapon can be customized using the “Customize Kit” button on the Spawn Kit settings page or the score page.
    • Store up to five Customized Spawn Kits.
    • Select a Spawn Kit on the scoreboard.
    • The categories for the Spawn Kit are SG / SMG / AR / DMR / SR / ETC.
    • If you choose not to use customized Spawn Kits, the following are provided by default: M416 / Beryl / M24 / SLR / Vector.
  • The amount of ammunition provided for DMR weapons has been adjusted from 90 rounds → 60 rounds.
    • This is to encourage DMR users to manoeuvre more around the map in search of ammunition.


  • Hitching while players are in starting plane has been reduced with UI optimization

Skin & Item

With the Season 10 update, we have prepared seasonal skins and items along with 17SHOU’s Bundle! These will be available for a limited time only so don’t miss out!

  • 2020 Christmas skins sets – 7 set items, 23 individual items, 3 not for sale items, 1 event item.
  • Sales Period:
    • 12/17 2020 2 PM KST – 1/21 2021 2 PM KST
    • 12/16 2020 9 PM PST – 1/20 2021 9 PM PST
    • 12/17 2020 6 AM CET – 1/21 2021 6 AM CET
  • 2021 New Years Skin – 8 set items, 29 individual items.
    • Celebrate the Year of the Cow with these amoosing outfits!
  • Sales Period:
    • 12/30 2020 11 AM KST – 2/24 2021 11 AM KST
    • 12/29 2020 6 PM PST – 2/23 2021 6 PM PST
    • 12/30 2020 3 AM CET – 2/24 2021 3 AM CET
  • 17SHOU’S BUNDLE – 1 set item, 3 individual items.
  • Sales Period:
    • 1/7 2021 11 AM KST – 3/25 2021 11 AM KST
    • 1/6 2021 6 PM PST – 3/24 2021 7 PM PDT
    • 1/7 2021 3 AM CET – 3/25 2021 3 AM CET
  • Multiple Preset Slot Coupon (30 Days)


  • PUBG – Breakthrough Advanced Pack – $24.99
  • Sales Period:
    • 12/17 2020 4 PM KST – 12/31 2020 4 PM KST
    • 12/16 2020 11 PM PST – 12/30 2020 11 PM PST
    • 12/17 2020 8 AM CET – 12/31 2020 8 AM CET
  • Included:
    • Survivor Pass: Breakthrough
    • 20 Levels
    • Fractured Spade Tank Top
    • Prototype Sweatpants
    • OCW Slippers
  • PUBG – Breakthrough Pack – $14.99
  • Sales Period:
    • 12/17 2020 4 PM KST – 4/1 2021 4 PM KST
    • 12/16 2020 11 PM PST – 4/1 2021 0 AM PDT
    • 12/17 2020 8 AM CET – 4/1 2021 9 AM CEST
  • Included:
    • Survivor Pass: Breakthrough
    • 5 Levels
    • Fractured Spade Tank Top
    • Prototype Sweatpants
    • OCW Slippers
  • PUBG – G-Coin Value Pack – $4.99
  • Sales Period:
    • 12/17 2020 4 PM KST – 4/8 2021 4 PM KST
    • 12/16 2020 11 PM PST – 4/8 2021 0 AM PDT
    • 12/17 2020 8 AM CET – 4/1 2021 9 AM CEST
  • Included:
    • 500 G-coin
    • Crash Test Jumpsuit
    • Crash Test Handwraps
    • Crash Test Sneakers

New Year’s Login Event

With the start of Season 10, we will be giving away an item every new week! All you have to do is log in during the times below.

  • 1st week
    • Constable’s Mustache
    • Login between:
      • 12/17 4 PM KST – 12/21 3:59 PM KST
      • 12/16 11 PM PST – 12/20 10:59 PM PST
      • 12/17 8 AM CET – 12/21 00:59 AM CET
  • 2nd week
    • Single Preset Slot Coupon (7 Days) – Log in every day for five consecutive days to receive five tickets!
    • Day 1 – Login between:
      • 12/24 4 PM KST – 12/25 3:59: PM KST
      • 12/23 11 PM PST – 12/24 10:59 PM PST
      • 12/24 8 AM CET – 12/25 00:59 AM CET
    • Day 2 – Login between:
      • 12/25 4 PM KST – 12/26 3:59: PM KST
      • 12/24 11 PM PST – 12/25 10:59 PM PST
      • 12/25 8 AM CET – 12/26 00:59 AM CET
    • Day 3 – Login between:
      • 12/26 4 PM KST – 12/27 3:59: PM KST
      • 12/25 11 PM PST – 12/26 10:59 PM PST
      • 12/26 8 AM CET – 12/27 00:59 AM CET
    • Day 4 – Login between
      • 12/27 4 PM KST – 12/28 3:59: PM KST
      • 12/26 11 PM PST – 12/27 10:59 PM PST
      • 12/27 8 AM CET – 12/28 00:59 AM CET
    • Day 5 – Login between
      • 12/28 4 PM KST – 12/29 3:59: PM KST
      • 12/27 11 PM PST – 12/28 10:59 PM PST
      • 12/28 8 AM CET – 12/29 00:59 AM CET
  • 3rd week:
    • Happy Pew Year – Groza
    • Login between:
      • 12/31 2020 4 PM KST – 1/4 2021 3:59 PM KST
      • 12/30 2020 11 PM PST – 12/31 2020 10:59 PM PST
      • 12/31 2020 8 AM CET – 1/4 2021 00:59 AM CET

Bug fix

  • Fixed the incorrect location of the category text in Settings menu.
  • Unusual Dirt Bike animations have been fixed.
  • A number of bug fixes have been made on Sanhok.
  • Fixed the issue where the name “Dacia” was displayed in both English and Chinese at the same time under CUSTOMIZE → VEHICLE → CATEGORY.
  • Fixed the issue where abnormal text was displayed in the preview of G-Coin Black Friday items.
  • Fixed the issue where bare footstep sounds where played when wearing Sadiya’s Wedding Dress / Sadiya’s Battle Suit.
  • Rolled back the FPP camera’s point of view from its change since update 9.2.
  • Fixed the issue where the player’s nickname wasn’t displayed when driving in spectating mode.
  • Fixed the issue where the sound of the purchase button was played even when selecting the cancel button in the purchase popup.
  • Fixed the issue of certain vehicles being able to give damage to characters by crashing into buildings when the characters are standing behind the doors.
  • Fixed the issue of opponents with weapons showing abnormally depending on the distance.
  • Fixed the intermittent crashing issue related to Driver shooting.
  • Fixed the issue where you can shoot through a vehicle’s frame while Driver Shooting.
  • Fixed the issue where the custom match settings are reset when another player performs a certain action while changing the custom match settings.
  • Fixed the issue where the character on the upper side of the slope receives damage when they collide with an opponent on the slope.
  • Fixed the wrist clipping issue when a male character wears gloves while wearing the VK Varsity Jacket.
  • Fixed the issue of characters’ left arm bending when wearing a certain jacket.
  • Fixed the issue where the character is zoomed in the customize preview when accessing the menu after zooming-in in the weapon preview screen.
  • Fixed the issue where items spawned in certain buildings in Sanhok couldn’t be picked up.
  • Fixed the issue where items spawned in Paradise Resort of Sanhok couldn’t be picked up.
  • Fixed the display issue when zooming-in to weapon skins.
  • Fixed an issue causing footsteps to be heard without other players being around.

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