Warframe – Deimos: Arcana: 29.5.2 Patch Notes

Warframe – Deimos: Arcana: 29.5.2 Patch Notes

Deimos: Arcana: Hotfix 29.5.1


  • Added an Orokin Matrix icon next to Loid’s Fast Travel option and his dialogue options in the Necralisk.



  • Improved friendly Polyp-Hog Juggernaut’s survivability during the escort portions of the Deimos Delicacies Bounty.

    • In its previous state, the Polyp-Hog Juggernaut was not tough enough to put up a fight in the later stages. We’ve made the Polyp-Hog Juggernaut more robust to make the level 30-40 bonus much more attainable!

  • Removed Pulmonars, Proboscis Cernos and Catabolyst from Conclave.



  • Fixed softlock that would occur if trying to Trade a Mod and Platinum in the same offer.

  • Fixed a script error that resulted in the Jackal Parazon stab not functioning, which resulted in an inability to progress the fight.

  • Fixed Bonewidow’s Weapon Pod Blueprint requiring 45 Tinks. It will now require 45 Scrap as originally intended (obtained from dismantling Servofish at The Business in Fortuna).

    • We’ll be reviewing the backend to see if any players spent the 45 Tink and rushed the Blueprint crafting. 

  • Fixed the Health bar of the ‘Contamination Unit’ disappearing in the Cracks in Deimos Bounty after a Host migration.

  • Fixed Bonewidow’s Exalted Ironbride ‘Drain / Second’ stat not appearing when hovering over the ability icon in the Arsenal.

  • Fixed Bonewidow sinking when Exalted Ironbride is being held.

  • Fixed Bonewidow Exalted Ironbride Energy per second displaying 2 instead of the correct 2.5.

  • Fixed the bonus UI in the battle stage of the Deimos Delicacies Bounty showing succeed/fail state right when entering the stage.

    • UI will now properly show fail state if you go below 50% before the battle stage.

  • Fixes towards reinforcement encounters persisting and keeping missions active,  preventing further Bounties in the same area.

  • Fixed script error that could occur when attempting to purchase items from the in-game Market as a gift.

  • Fixed a script error that could occur when putting away the Fishing Spear at certain spots in Cambion Drift.

  • Fixed a script error related to the True Master Font Blessing Altars in the Relays.

  • Fixed a script error that could occur if a Trinity Specter used Energy Vampire.

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