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Tap Titans 2

Tap Titans 2

Tap Titans 2 – 3.7 Patch Notes | Valentines Event 2020 !

It’s the Friday before a patch release, so that means we’ll be looking at the patch notes and giving you a breakdown of what’s coming up on Tuesday, Feb 11th!
First things first, we’ll briefly touch on the usual goodies found in these updates.  We’ll be kicking off Valentines with an event similar to those that have come before it, so get ready to start gathering some delicious chocolate covered strawberries and progress down a sweet looking path to collect your rewards!  The next unlocked Artifact Enchantment will be none other than Heavenly Sword, and the Max Stage will be raised to 92k.  In tandem with the cap raising to 92k comes new milestones to strive for and a new 90k Milestone Bundle jam packed full of goodies. Last years Valentines set, “Heartbreaker”, and the other non-set equipment will also be dropping so be sure to farm your daily equipment if you’re still missing parts of it!
On Wednesday, Feb 5th, we put out a post on Reddit going into detail on some of the features coming in 3.7 including the Titan Lord HP Scaling, Prestige Changes, Early Game Hero Unlocks, and Fairy Totem Variance Reduction.
If you missed it you can check that out by clicking here!
Now let’s get into the new stuff we haven’t talked about yet!  There are two new Equipment Sets coming out with 3.7, the “Nimble Hunter” and the “Sweets and Treats” sets.
Nimble Hunter Set – Legendary:
  • Primary bonus: Marksman Boost
  • Secondary bonus: All Active Skills Duration Increase
Sweets and Treats – Event Set:
  • Primary Bonus: Multiple Fairy Spawn chances.
With the revamping of the early game comes a brand new tutorial for new players to better introduce them to the mechanics of TT2 and get them into the action quicker than before.  We’ve also added a number of quality of life changes, bug fixes, and general improvements, which will be detailed in the full notes below, but I’ll touch on a few here first.
  • A counter for Daily Farmed Equipment will now appear in the Daily Achievement Tab! We’ve heard your requests and are working on adding more trackers such as these. Stay tuned for fairy trackers in the next update!
  • Our server team put a lot of effort into upgrading our servers.  With this upgrade comes a ton of improvements meaning they’ll be running harder, better, faster, and stronger than before.
  • A hot topic in the past has been the Lifetime Relics stat on your character panel, with 3.7 your LTR stat should no longer become inaccurate after importing your save progress so you’ll be able to get an accurate result when using optimizers etc that ask for your LTR stat.
  • We’ve done another pass at memory optimization and made some pretty great improvements so some slower devices should see some smoother play.
One last thing we want to mention are balance changes to some exotic pets.  A few of the pets were a little under-tuned compared to the others so we’ve given them a little boost to bring them more in line with their cohorts.

Equipment Bonus Pets:

Annabelle: Improvement Bonus 1.05 -> 1.5
Effie: Improvement Bonus 1.05 -> 1.5
Percy: Improvement Bonus 1.05 -> 1.5
Cosmos: Improvement Bonus 1.05 -> 1.5
Taffy: Improvement Bonus 1.05 -> 1.5

Other Pets

Soot: Improvement Bonus 1.25 -> 1.5 + Increased Max Improvement Levels
Klack: Increased Max Improvement Levels
Full Notes
New Changes:
– Valentines Event
– New Profile Background and Avatar
– Nimble Hunter Legendary Set
– Sweets and Treats Event Set
– Max Stage increased to 92K
– New Milestone bundle for 90k
– Heavenly Sword Artifact Enchantment
– Fairy Totem variance fix
– Prestiging is now unlocked by reaching a percentage of your Max Stage
– New early game tutorials including clearer information and a new UI
– Tier 3 balance changes
– Exotic pet balance changes
Quality of Life Changes:
– Sword Master panel reordered to have Prestige near the top
– Daily Farmed Equipment stats in Daily Achievement tab
– New Bundle Pop-Up now says “More Info”
– Bear Shop tweaks (Reconnect button improvements and bundles will now properly disappear when they expire)
– Event panel clan progress bar now shows “Event is Over” when the event ends
Bug Fixes and More:
– Fixed Card Shop bug (Text under cards, etc)
– Fixed Lifetime Relics stat being wrong after downloading progress
– Fixed CS splash bug
– Fixed Perk Progression bug (No longer need 51/50 to complete)
– Fixed misc bugs with UI
– Memory usage improvements
– Server upgrades 

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