RuneScape – 07.10.2019 Patch Notes

RuneScape – 07.10.2019 Patch Notes


  • The Mohawk haircut will now display in full whilst wearing the Revolutionary mask.
  • Added a colourblind mode for users when fighting Telos.
  • Fixed an issue where drop stack values were not showing up near the loot they are representing.
  • The Bank of Gielinor has updated its title on the Bank PIN entry interface, to match the main bank interface.


  • During the One Small Favour Quest when you have found Petra and talk to the Wizard Cromperty, if the player has not completed Rune Mysteries, the Wizard will tell you that you must complete the Rune Mysteries quest first in order to continue.
  • The Father and Son & Helping Laniakea have been converted to a miniquest and as such have been added to the completionist cape as a requirement.


  • Long pressing the prayer globe on mobile now populates the menu with all saved presets in all instances.
  • Some minor improvements and changes have been made to the login screen.
  • The account create button has been reinstated on mobile.
  • Added numeric values to both the Health and Adrenaline bars on mobile.
  • Updated the worn equipment item layout on mobile to resemble desktop layout.
  • Fixed an issue with health-bar value not updating after respawning on mobile.
  • Fixed an issue with the Prismatic Dye colour selector in the Wardrobe so it now functions on mobile.
  • Fixed an issue on mobile with the keyboard window being dismissed after entering username and pressing enter.


  • Fixed the stack timer on the Telos virus debuffs that appear in p5 (green/black/red) and the adrenaline gain reduced debuff (dominion tower)
  • Updated the buff bar timer to have the full minutes displayed.
  • We’ve now removed the additional prayer buffs when a combat boosting prayer or curse was active that provided the benefits of other prayers. These include the T95 and T99 curse prayers. These detailed benefits can be found in the Active Prayer interface.
  • Provided more information to the user on the buff icon for Prayer renewal and Super prayer renewal potions.
  • Improvements have been made to the Celtic Knot puzzles to improve usability.
  • Steel titan’s special attack now does the correct amount of damage to Capsarius shield on Legio Tertius.
  • Fixed an issue with Lockmelters leaving doors unable to be passed through.
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to scan with a clue scroll in the Lumbridge swamp caves.
  • Destroying the silverhawk boots now displays the correct pop up message depending on if it has any combat stat or not.
  • Spring cleaner 3000 no longer speaks until it has been unlocked.
  • Changed some text references for Erethdor’s Grimoire so state Grimoire rather than God book
  • Yakamaru’s Stun Phase and Mirage Stun phase will now take into consideration the Flanking Perk.
  • Opening the junk refiner will no longer show the ‘refine’ button as being greyed out if it can be used.
  • The Araxxor enrage reset now behaves correctly if you log in after losing membership.
  • Various spellings of “Tranquility” throughout RuneScape have been changed to “Tranquillity”. Notably this includes the character of Brother Tranquillity. The solution to an anagram for a clue scroll to find him has been changed from REBIRTH QUAINTLY ROT to REBIRTH NOT RITUALLY.
  • Legio Tertius’ boss defense buff will no longer persist after Capsarius has been killed
  • You will no longer receive a warning when entering the Aberrant spectre area of the Morytania slayer tower whilst the Slayer helmet is on the stand in Anachronia.
  • The tooltips for Ironman-Only achievements whilst in Ironman mode will now display the correct information.
  • Hunter urns now work with Big Game Hunter.
  • The ability to keybind ‘Area loot’ has been added. In-game, head to Settings interface then Controls tab to set a keybind for this feature.
  • Fixed an issue with various Jadinko’s not contributing to challenge totals.
  • If a player examines a Lorehound, their own Lorehound will display their Quest points and another player’s LoreHound will display their owners Quest Points. If the player is a Master Quest Cape wielder, the owners LoreHound will display a longer message only visible by the owner when examined.
  • Fixed an issue with Scrimshaw of aggression where it was dropping more coins than intended.
  • Globetrotter and Trials armour will no longer prevent login to a F2P world.
  • The spinning wheel in the Cadarn district now spins on the correct axis.
  • Fixed an issue where Java client would crash when opening the bank.
  • The ornate bowl can no longer be held outside of Tears of Guthix.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the growth of a white tree sapling.
  • Players will no longer get 10 free raffle tickets when logging in as the raffle is no longer active.
  • When emptying the contents of the gem bag, herb bag or ore box the contents will show in the bank immediately.
  • The composite ogre bow can now be worn
  • The sled used in Troll Romance now once again be ridden in appropriate areas.
  • The Clan flag and clan cloak now equip properly in the world and in the clan citadel.
  • The triple charm buff from the Familiarization D&D is now persistent after logging out and back in.
  • Added more explicit guidance when the player needs to activate a prayer to complete the Burthorpe Prayer path.
  • When Tele-grabbing clues, if the player has the Charos’ clue carrier in their inventory or pocket slot, the clue will now automatically placed in Charos’ clue carrier.
  • The characters gathering animation will play as normal whilst using a Divine-o-matic vacuum on an enriched spring.
  • Zanik will no longer think they are underground if you click out of the cutscene during Death to the Dorgeshuun quest.
  • The Slayer master Chaeldar will now inform you that Bloodvelds use melee attacks and suggest using magic attacks when asked for tips on how to fight them.

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