Risk of Rain 2 – OCTOBER 2019 UPDATE !

Risk of Rain 2 – OCTOBER 2019 UPDATE !

Gameplay Changes

  • Health Regeneration
    • Increase Player’s Health Regeneration by +66% in Rainstorm difficulty.
    • Increase Drone Health Regeneration by +150% in ALL difficulties
      • All these regeneration changes have been highly confusing and affecting difficulty too drastically – as a summary, Drizzle and Monsoon are the same as Skills 2.0 Release, while Rainstorm is now a bit easier.
  • Items
    • Monster Tooth
      • Heal: 6 ⇒ 8
        • Now that we’re encouraging players to value healing items more, the healing items themselves should be a bit more decent
    • H3AD-5T v2
      • Now activates by holding “Use” (E key by default)
      • Improve consistency of bonus falling damage
      • Now shows little lights when ready
    • Commando
      • Frag Grenade
        • Animation Duration: 1s ⇒ 0.5s
        • Can now interrupt your other abilities
    • MUL-T
      • Power-Saw
        • Improve vacuum effect to pull towards enemies
    • Artificer
      • Plasma Bolt
        • Update proc coefficient, travel speed, and fire rate to match Flame Bolt
    • Engineer
      • Carbonizer Turret
        • Walk Speed: 6 ⇒ 7
        • Now scales laser tick rate with attack speed


  • Add details to difficulty text to show what actually changes between Drizzle, Rainstorm, and Monsoon.
  • Update a few of our internal workings to better help modders
  • Update ‘Warm For Life’ challenge text to be more clear
  • Pre-Game Lobby now properly shakes physics objects around

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Quickplay matches only filling up to 3/4
  • Fix Loader’s “Swing By” challenge using 25 real-time minutes instead of the in-game timer
  • Fix ‘Keyed Up’ challenge no longer unlocking
  • Fix Alloy Worship Unit preventing you from activating the teleporter
  • Fix ‘VFX Culling Bias’ not saving when closing the game
  • Fix ‘Warm For Life’ challenge not displaying the correct value when in progress
  • Fix Equipment Drone not firing their equipment
  • Dying while traveling in Volcanic Egg and Eccentric Vase no longer causes you to pop out the other end alive
  • Fix flying AI wandering towards the ground
  • Fix the character select always showing Commando skills when restarting a run
  • Fix Clay Dunestrider’s Tarball attack not networking its position correctly
  • Fix MUL-T’s buzzsaw caching attack speed and crit chance on starting the attack
  • Fix Preon Accumulator and Fuel Array sometimes missing in multiplayer
  • Lemurians no longer sprint if very far away
  • Fix Loader disappearing when ragdolling
  • Fix Loader’s wrists spinning around during certain animations
  • Fix melee characters being able to infinitely strike ragdolled players
  • Add missing Korean characters
  • Fixed a variety of typos

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